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PS3 Bluetooth Headset & SOCOM: Confrontation

9 09 2008

So I was emailed this video, displaying the new upcoming PS3 bluetooth headset along side SOCOM: Confrontation clips, check it out:

Pretty neat huh?

Brand New Little Big Planet Trailer

12 08 2008

The highly anticipated game, set for an October 2008 release date - Little Big Planet - has had another trailer revealed. Check it out:

Killzone 2 E3 2008 Trailer

16 07 2008

Sony PS3

Sony recently published Killzone 2’s latest trailer for yesterdays Playstation E3. The game looks stunning, we just hope that the long wait for the game is worth it.

[Source: PS3.Kombo]

Sony reveal v2.40 firmware trophy system (part 2)

30 06 2008

If you haven’t already read/watched part 1 of this news post, we suggest you do so right now by clicking here!

In this second video, Eric Lempel reveals how the PS3 trophy system works in v2.40. He shows us how to earn the trophies, how to compare trophies with friends, and of course - the little message that pops up in the top right hand corner of the screen when you’ve earned a trophy! Check out the video below for yourselves:

We’re really looking forward to v2.40, with all the new enhancements and great features. Asking “Are you?” would be stupid, cause we already know the answer to that! ;)

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Sony unveils PS3 v2.40 firmware video (part 1)

30 06 2008

Okay, so not long ago Sony informed us of their official confirmation regarding PS3 v2.40 firmware update. We also saw a video of v2.40 displayed on a debug PS3 unit in it’s development stage. But now - finally - we get an official video from Sony demonstrating v2.40 in it’s final development stages! Check it out below:

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Site/Forum updates coming very, VERY soon.

28 06 2008

We discussed the forum/site updates not long ago, and finally they’re almost here!

The forums will have have received a major re-design - one that matches the homepage theme very well. PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP wallpapers will be avaliable to all members to download, avaliable in high resolution for those HD TV’s out there of course ;)

Game saves are currently being implanted into the site’s database for the PS3 and PSP, which are avaliable to members - with no download limits! Other media such as videos, images, programs/firmwares will also be avaliable to download through our download section, again avaliable to members. This download section will continue to grow, more and more media will be added as time goes by!

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SOCOM: Confrontation gameplay & map previews

28 06 2008

The PS3’s exclusive, SOCOM: Confrontation, has had several videos recently released regarding it’s gameplay and maps!

Here’s the first video, a flythrough of the map Quarantine:

More videos after the hit below!

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Call of Duty: World at War (COD5) Worldwide Reveal Trailer

23 06 2008

Activision have recently released a Call of Duty: World at War trailer, check it out below:

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Time Crisis 4 viral videos

10 12 2007

Don emailed me earlier thinking you guys might like these videos, they’re pretty funny, enjoy.

Hey dude, great site. I found these two hilarious Time Crisis 4 viral vids on YouTube I think everyone here might get a kick out of:

Video 1 - Scarface

Video 2 - Terminator

Thanks don!