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Alone In The Dark Teaser Trailer #3!

29 05 2008

Here’s the last of the teaser trailers of AITD from Atari, next up is gameplay!

Teaser #3:

Keep checking back for more AITD videos.

Alone In The Dark Teaser Trailer #2!

29 05 2008

Like I said, more trailers on the way.

Check out trailer #2:

Looks sweet doesn’t it? ;)

Alone In The Dark Teaser Trailers!

29 05 2008

Are you looking forward to AITD as much as we are?

Check out this teaser trailer, which I have to say… is amazing.

More trailers on the way!

Resistance 2 teaser trailer

13 04 2008

Resistance 2 Teaser

If you are a fan of Resistance: Fall of Man, we’re sure you’re going to love this.

Insomniac Games have released a teaser trailer of their upcoming game, Resistance 2. The game is going to be released sometime around in November ‘08. This short clip, (we’re sure you’ll agree with us) is just mind blowing.

Here’s the teaser trailer: (click more to view the full post if you havn’t done so already.)

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