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Dead Space Release Date Brought Forward

30 08 2008

Dead Space Box Art

Good, a game which isn’t delayed for once and this time, it’s coming earlier than scheduled. Dead Space was originally set for a Halloween release (31st October), but has now been brought forward to 24th October in the United Kingdom.

EA hasn’t set a date for the US Dead Space release date yet, but you can bet it’ll be around the same date as the UK release.

Play.com’s LittleBigBonus

24 08 2008

Nariko Sack Girl

If you weren’t already aware of LittleBigPlanet’s pre-order character bonuses, you’re aware now! Depending on who you pre-order your copy of LittleBigPlanet with, you’ll receive a relatively recognisable bonus gaming character in Sackboy form to add to your character list in LittleBigPlanet. Pre-ordering LittleBigPlanet at Play.com entitles you to a bonus Nariko Sackgirl.

Resistance 2 Leaked Online Gameplay Footage

18 08 2008

So if you didn’t know already, the Resistance 2 private BETA was recently released to a select group of PS3 users. The clip below shows an online team deathmatch from the Resistance 2 BETA. It sure does look good - check it out below:

Brand New Little Big Planet Trailer

12 08 2008

The highly anticipated game, set for an October 2008 release date - Little Big Planet - has had another trailer revealed. Check it out:

Buzz! Quiz TV Receives Trophies

6 08 2008

Yeah that’s right. All Buzz! Quiz TV players out there will now be able to earn trophies when playing the game. Here’s the trophy list:

Bronze Trophies

Sofa Subjugator Bronze - Win 5 Sofa vs Sofa games
The Barnard Award Bronze - Score over 1500 points in Single player
Lonesome and Loving it Bronze - Play 5 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Bronze - Play 1 MyBuzz game
Sofa Surfer Bronze - Play 1 Sofa vs Sofa game
Socialite Bronze - Play 5 Multiplayer games

Silver Trophies

Sofa Subjugator Silver - Win 20 Sofa vs Sofa games
The Barnard Award Silver - Score over 3000 points on single player
Lonesome and Loving it Silver - Play 20 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Silver - Play 20 MyBuzz games
Sofa Surfer Silver - Play 15 Sofa vs Sofa games
Socialite Silver - Play 20 multiplayer games
He’s on Fire! - Correctly answer 10 questions in a row. (Hidden)

Gold Trophies

Sofa Subjugator Gold - Win 50 sofa vs sofa games
The Barnard Award Gold - Score 5000 points in single player
Lonesome and Loving it Gold - Play 50 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Gold - play 50 MyBuzz games
Sofa Surfer Gold - Play 40 Sofa vs Sofa games
Socialite Gold - Play 50 multiplayer games
Lightning Reactions - Correctly answer 3 questions in a row in under 0.5 seconds (Hidden)

Platinum Trophies

Buzz’s New Best Friend