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Tutorial: Installing PS3 Themes

Downloading a PS3 theme on your PC
1. Find the theme you want to download on Game-Warp.
2. Click the download link and press ‘Save’.
3. When the theme has fully downloaded to your PC, plug in a USB memory stick or memory card etc, and; a) Make a folder in the root of the removable disk called ‘PS3′. b) Inside the ‘PS3′ folder, make a folder called ‘THEME’ (in capitals).
4. Copy across the theme (.p3t file) from wherever you saved it into the ‘THEME’ folder on the removable disk.

Theme Settings

5. Put the removable disk into your PS3 and on the XMB go to; Settings -> Theme Settings -> Themes.
6. Select the install button, and then click on the removable disk.
7. Select which theme you want to install and click ‘Apply’ for the theme to display.

Downloading themes to your PS3 with the PS3 Browser
1. Go onto Game-Warp.com in your PS3’s browser.
2. Find a theme you want to install to your PS3, and click ‘Download’.
3. The PS3 should ask you to save the theme you just selected in photos, go ahead and save it there - it will then automatically install the theme.
4. After the theme has installed, on your PS3 XMB, go to; Settings -> Theme Settings -> Themes.
5. If everything went correct, your new PS3 theme will show up on the list, click on it and then click apply.

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3 08 2008
JOXWB (23:36:06) :

thanks bro

16 08 2008
UberGamer (11:28:00) :

hi this works on witch fw?

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