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GTA:IV leaked - thousands of people downloading via torrents

26 04 2008


With just a few more days until the game is released - GTA IV gets leaked.

Thousands of people are already downloading the game via torrents, and those who have a modded console (Xbox 360, PS3) will be able to have a headstart on the game before anyone else can.

The game file is surprisingly quite small considering the story mode will take you 30 - 45 hours to complete and the map supposedly takes one and a half hours to get from one side to the other with the game size being 6.36GB.

I’m sure Rockstar are annoyed, but what can they do right now? Nothing much.

Leaked GTA IV PlayStation 3 footage!

23 04 2008

GTA IV Leaked Gameplay Footage
That’s right folks. GTA IV gameplay footage has been leaked with just 6 days of left before the game finally gets released.

I have no idea how someone managed to get a copy of GTA IV already, nevertheless GTA:IV gameplay has been leaked and it’s here for you to view. The footage looks pretty good from what we can see of it. It’s not the best recording but it’ll have to do until April 29th!

Here is the video: (click read more, if you haven’t done so already in order to view the video)

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PS3’s “Home” delayed yet again

22 04 2008


Sony Computer Entertainment claimed that the ongoing Closed Beta test was to be “expanded” by an undisclosed number of users.

Because the closed beta is being pushed back even further, this means that the open beta/full version of Home will be pushed back further and further.

According to Sony’s top brass, Kazuo Hirai, the extension to the later half of 2008 was required to ensure that the Home experience is completely refined to the standards of the company.

Ah well, I guess it’ll be good when it finally gets released.

GTA IV goes “gold”!

19 04 2008


Good news GTA fans!

The rumors of GTA IV being delayed, and you guys not being able to play the game on the 29th are false. In a recent Take-Two Interactive stockholders meeting, it was announced that the game has already gone gold.

Take-Two Interactive’s CEO, Ben Feder, had announced that Grand Theft Auto 4 will not be delayed and the game is “in production and in trucks en route to retailers.” This is pretty much a guarantee that the game will be making its release date on April 29.

To make sure you get a copy of GTA IV on it’s release date, preorder a copy! Once you have done that, sit back, relax and wait for the 29th to get the game!

Devil May Cry 4 Review/Summary

18 04 2008

Devil May Cry 4 Title
From the developers of Resident Evil 4, Capcom bring to you, - the 4th in its series - Devil May Cry 4. If you’ve played any of the previous Devil May Cry games before, you’ll certainly know that each game is packed full with non-stop action giving you an exhilarating feel towards the gameplay. This factor has not changed in Devil May Cry 4.
Devil May Cry 4 Action
Devil May Cry 4 is brought to you in HD 720P at 60 frames per second. 60 frames per second will surely guarantee you a smooth, enjoyable gaming experience (So you don’t need to worry about the frame rate jumping and causing you to miss-time that sick combo when battling one of several bosses throughout the game!).Nero, is the main playable character who you will play as throughout the majority of the entire game. At the beginning of the game, Nero is equipped with 3 weapons; his Red Queen sword, Blue Rose revolver and the Devil Bringer (his demonic right arm). The Devil Bringer is used by Nero to pull himself towards enemies, pull enemies towards him, pack powerful punches etc, etc. Nero will keep all of these 3 weapons throughout the game - no upgrades or new weapons. Only using 3 weapons throughout an entire game may seem boring for some, but I can assure you it’s not. The amount of different combos and stylish enemy finishers that you can accomplish are outstanding.
Devil May Cry 4 Nero + Gun
As the game progresses you’ll definitely notice yourself almost addicted to the game’s gripping storyline. The bosses you battle throughout the story are quite a challenge and you’re going to have to pull off some some super cool combos to become victorious and beat each boss. If you aren’t able to kill the boss the first time round, who cares? Repeat the battle and you’ll get the chance to pull off some epic combos which are totally worth dying and repeating the boss battle for.

Devil May Cry 4 Battle

There is no multiplayer/online capabilities in Devil May Cry 4, but to be honest - the single player story is good enough. Once you’ve completed the game, you’ll most likely find yourself repeating missions and boss battles for the ultimate Devil May Cry experience which you’ve been longing to play for since Devil May Cry 3.If you’re interested in buying Devil May Cry 4, for the PS3 or Xbox 360, check out the links below:

[Buy Devil May Cry 4 for the PS3] at Testfreaks
[Buy Devil May Cry 4 for the Xbox 360] at Testfreaks

Warhawk’s Operation: Broken Mirror booster pack released

17 04 2008

Today - some of you may have noticed already - Warhawk’s Operation: Broken Mirror booster pack has been released on the PSN store.

The booster pack includes a new, large snow map named Vaporfield Glacier and a new vehicle, the “ACP” and is priced at £3.99 (roughly $6.99 USD). For those of you who are unsure what the ACP is, here are the specs:

• APCs support a driver and 6 other troops in “pop-up” hatches that allow troops to use their own weapons, making the APC like a customizable weapons platform.
• APCs act as mobile spawn points for your team so you can setup field bases, help coordinate ground assaults, and spawn directly into them as another player is driving them around.
• When you spawn into an APC, your troop is rewarded with an additional weapon based on an internal loot-table.
• APCs can activate a huge shield by placing an E-POD.
• APCs have a boost ability that not only allows them to traverse distances more quickly, but it also acts as a ram-attack that obliterates other vehicles (except the tank because of its super-heavy armor).

To have a look at the new map, vehicle and other updates, check out this video: (click read more if you haven’t done so already to view the video.)

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Mysterious timer counting down from 60 hours on PlayStation Japan site

16 04 2008

SCEJ 60 Hour Timer
A mysterious timer has appeared on PlayStation Japan’s website, which seems to be in a pool of blood.The timer started at 60 hours and seems to be counting down to something… something we’re unaware of. If you have your sound on, you’ll notice a male and a female (English speaking), and this is what the couple seem to be saying (thanks to wolf3ax):

M: Uhh, That don’t look right, what is that?
F: Did you see that just now, its like it was looking for something, what are they doing? That doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever-
M: Shh.
M: Man/Da** this is some F***’d up s***, they could have killed her.
F: (not super sure) Oh look, oh no, omg, I cant watch this
M: Shh, quiet, there he is.
F: NO! They’re gonna kill her too!
M: S***, we’ve got to do something
F: (cant tell)
Voice in background: Your gonna F**** him up, what the h*** are you doing!
M: Look, someone’s trying to stop him…
V.I.B: Oh s***
M: ..That guys in deep S***, we’ve got to go to the cops
F: (not sure) I’m not ready captain.

Hmm well I wonder what’s going to happen after the countdown is complete, I guess only time will tell. Perhaps it’s a new game being released? Who knows.

[Check out the timer yourself]

Call of Duty 4 Glitch - Act II - The Sins of the Father

15 04 2008

Yesterday when my internet was down, I played a little bit of CoD:MW single player and I was looking for glitches.

I found this glitch, on the level The Sins of the Father in Act II. It’s a pretty cool glitch that enables you to to climb on top of the building.

Here’s the video: (click read the rest if this article if you haven’t done so already to view the video)

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PS3 System Software 2.30 Released

15 04 2008

PS3 System Software 2.30 Released
That’s right folks, PS3 system software 2.30 has been released. As promised, the new PSN Store has been updated - and I must say, they’ve made a real good job on improving it. To me it seems must faster to navigate throughout the store - much easier to find what you want.

The new system software update has also included DTS-HD Master Audio output for Blu-ray videos, which means the high-definition visuals of Blu-ray will now be matched with the highest quality audio for the ultimate movie-watching experience on PS3.

So, if you haven’t done it already, go turn on your PS3 and update!

Sony creating a new “transforming controller”? (Rumor)

14 04 2008

Dual Shock 3
A “transforming controller”? I want to know more, Sony!

Shane Bettenhausen, (EGM’s executive editor) recently talked about Sony’s new rumored controller. Apparently, this new controller from Sony will be a “transforming controller” that will pack “multiple configurations”. Call of Duty 5 and Resistance 2 were the games mentioned in connection with the controller.

As some of you already know, Resistance 2 is currently supposed to be released roughly around November this year, so if this controller is indeed real, we should be hearing more news about this controller soon.

Check back for updates.