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MGS4 Database On PSN and free Downloadable Content!

19 06 2008

MGS4 Database

We all know that MGS4 has been a huge success - no doubt about it! MGS4 has increased PS3 sales massively and will continue to do so.

Following the success of the game, Sony have released a Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots database up for download on the PSN store! If you don’t know what the database is, or you’d like to know more, continue reading!

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MGS4 Cut Scene Humor - “Time to change the disk!”

12 06 2008

We all know that the Metal Gear Solid series is renowned for it’s tongue-in-cheek humour, right? Well, if you’re not quite sure what we mean by this, check out the cut scene below!

(WARNING: Do not watch if you don’t want to spoil the funny moment in the game for yourself!)

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PS3 2.40 Firmware In-Game XMB Demonstration!

9 06 2008

After all the hype regarding PS3 firmware 2.40 in game XMB, we finally get a clear view of how in game XMB works.

Here’s the video:

It looks pretty real to us, but we’re not going to say it’s 100% real. We aren’t given a clear demonstration of what the firmware 2.4 is capable of. We get to see the system accessing it’s XMB in game, which is good - but nothing much else. We’re not shown music playing in game, friend messaging in game etc… you get the point. :)

If you’re wondering why the PS3 in this video has a few extra icons on it’s XMB, it’s because the firmware is being processed on a debug PS3 unit.

When can we expect to be receiving firmware 2.40? Sony have been known in the past to release their firmware upgrades on a Tuesday - which is tomorrow - and I’m pretty much sure they’ll release it in time for MGS4. I expect you’ll be able to collect trophies in MGS4 which could possibly be a little secret Kojima Productions are hiding and waiting to surprise us with? Who knows!

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MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots video

2 05 2008

Are you as excited as us about the release of MGS4? A trailer has been released named “MGS4: Guns of the Patriots Revival trailer”, and it looks pretty awesome.

Here is the trailer:

Ah looks good doesn’t it? The video brings back the glory years of the franchise with gameplay from the first MGS games to the latest! We can really see how the game has been developed.

MGS4 is being released 12th June (fingers crossed that delays will occur) and the Beta testing for Metal Gear Online is now live.