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Sony confirm PS3 in-game XMB access!

10 01 2008

Sony Computer Entertainment’s running hot in the news waves right now, after PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 exclusivity and BD Live caught on well at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. But Sony’s Paul Purdy just turned up the heat to insanely sizzlin’, and it’s because he’s just confirmed a long-requested feature: in-game XMB access for the Sony PlayStation 3.

That’s right: we say confirmed. Word is that the bombshell was dropped at CES 2008 and the target period for the anticipated update would be within the Year of the Rat. That’s within this year folks! So we repeat: Xross Media Bar access while playing a game is coming to PlayStation 3 gamers soon.

But because Sony hasn’t divulged more information, we’re bound to hear more updates from its camp as time rolls by. More intel on this once the signals read five by five.

iR Shell PSP updates

16 12 2007

AhMan has released a new version of iR Shell. Actually, two new versions — 3.81 (again) and 3.81.1. Details concerning both are below. Install 3.81 first, then apply the 3.81.1 update.

iR Shell 3.81 bug fix updates:

* Fixed a critical bug in the iR Shell firmware patch which results in unable to launch UMD in XMB and also causes various incompatibility issues with other homebrew apps & seplugins. Just apply the new patch and all issues will be resolved.
* Fixed a bug in Contect Menu which wouldn’t allow you to choose “Select” or “Start” menu items.

The iR Shell 3.81.1 update adds support for Dark_AleX’s multi-disc popsloader. And the 3.81 download is yesterday’s bug fix release; not the November 22nd release.

iR Shell 3.81 (full)
iR Shell 3.81 (update)
iR Shell 3.81.1 (update)

Via PSP-Hacks.

PSP Filer v4.30 Released

18 11 2007

Mediumgauge has released a bug fix update for his popular homebrew application, PSP Filer.

As well as removing several bugs, he has added a feature which allows re-ordering of XMB icons is available!


  • Reduced cyrillic font size of UTF-8 and Cyrillic-1251 charset.
  • Added a feature to re-order XMB icons.


  • Fixed a bug Filer was crashed when it plays a large wav file.
  • Fixed a bug Filer was crashed when it opens a folder which has some kind of ISO/CSO.

Picture viewer:

  • Fixed a bug following PNG picture was not drawn correctly: 16bit gray scale, 48bit color, and having alpha-blend.
  • Fixed a bug that caused in version 4.2, a wallpaper could not be saved.

Download Here

DAX’s “Hello World” app: Fullscreen TV out for Homebrew

15 10 2007

Dark AleX has created a program that allows programmers to access PSP Slim & Lite’s TV out capabilities using component, composite, and d-terminal cables. More than a full program, this one is more of a “Hello World” proof that such can be done.

Art added that the resolution for composite cables is 720×503 while using component cables will yield a resolution of 720×480. The program has not been tested formally with D-terminal cables but it basically uses the same code as that of the component’s.

Art added:

To use it in your code, you just have to replace the call to sceDisplaySetMode with the call to my custom function pspDveMgrSetVideoOut (which calls sceImposeSetVideoOutMode, which at the end calls sceDisplaySetMode), and be aware of the bigger resolution.

This really is an exciting development especially that Sony has reiterated time and again that certain cables can be only used for certain functions.