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Resistance 2 - Public Beta

3 10 2008

Sony have opened sign-ups for the Resistance 2 public beta, but only for a limited time, use your PlayStation Network Account to sign in.

Sign Up Here

Resistance 2 Cover Art

New Resistance 2 Trailer For E3

15 07 2008

Insomniac have created another great looking Resistance 2 trailer getting us ready for the game release in November 08.

This trailer will be one of the videos used today at Sony press conference - E3. Check it out:

PS3 2.40 Firmware In-Game XMB Demonstration!

9 06 2008

After all the hype regarding PS3 firmware 2.40 in game XMB, we finally get a clear view of how in game XMB works.

Here’s the video:

It looks pretty real to us, but we’re not going to say it’s 100% real. We aren’t given a clear demonstration of what the firmware 2.4 is capable of. We get to see the system accessing it’s XMB in game, which is good - but nothing much else. We’re not shown music playing in game, friend messaging in game etc… you get the point. :)

If you’re wondering why the PS3 in this video has a few extra icons on it’s XMB, it’s because the firmware is being processed on a debug PS3 unit.

When can we expect to be receiving firmware 2.40? Sony have been known in the past to release their firmware upgrades on a Tuesday - which is tomorrow - and I’m pretty much sure they’ll release it in time for MGS4. I expect you’ll be able to collect trophies in MGS4 which could possibly be a little secret Kojima Productions are hiding and waiting to surprise us with? Who knows!

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New Killzone 2 Screens Released

7 05 2008

Killzone 2 Screen

Some new Killzone 2 screens were recently released at Sony’s Playstation day event in London. As you can see from the screen above, the screens look fantastic. If you click on the images to view the full size, you’ll notice the amount of effort that’s going into this game. (No wonder it’s being released in Feb ‘09).

Anyway, enough of reading, more looking!

Check out the rest of these screens after you’ve clicked below!

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Sony creating a new “transforming controller”? (Rumor)

14 04 2008

Dual Shock 3
A “transforming controller”? I want to know more, Sony!

Shane Bettenhausen, (EGM’s executive editor) recently talked about Sony’s new rumored controller. Apparently, this new controller from Sony will be a “transforming controller” that will pack “multiple configurations”. Call of Duty 5 and Resistance 2 were the games mentioned in connection with the controller.

As some of you already know, Resistance 2 is currently supposed to be released roughly around November this year, so if this controller is indeed real, we should be hearing more news about this controller soon.

Check back for updates.

StrmnNrmn: Daedalus R13 coming very soon

25 10 2007

StrmnNrmn posted an update today over at his personal website regarding the promised R13 version of Daedalus. For those not in the know, this program is an emulator that allows PlayStation Portable owners play N64 games on their Sony handheld.

According to the coder, he will be releasing R13 after he has added the final finishing touches to the savestate support. These include checking if the savestate you’re loading is for a different rom than the one currently loaded as well as linking some metadata to the savestate so they can be shown in the UI.

“In summary R13 is really close and I’ve not forgotten about it. Just a few more things to sort out and it’ll be ready for release,” StrmnNrmn added. Currently, here are the already functioning features of Daedalus R13’s savestate option straight from the coder himself:

The current implementation provides 10 slots which are shared across all roms.
You can save to any slot at any time from an option on the Pause menu, or choose to reload a previous savestate.
In this way it works just like QuickSave/QuickLoad found in various PC games.
I’m tempted to add a special slot for this to the top level of the Pause menu.
I used zlib to compress the savestates, so an 8MiB savestate compresses down to 1MiB (or even smaller if you’re running games which don’t use the Expansion Pak).