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WIP: PS3 downgrader! - No previous dumps needed.

16 03 2008

A PS3 downgrader is said to be in the making which requires no previous firmware dump. You must have the infectus mod chip for the PS3 to be able to downgrade.

How the downgrade works is that the tool modifies a NAND backup which leaves the PS3 unit thinking it is a lower firmware version than it actually is. You then upgrade using a legit Sony PS3 firmware update to upgrade to a higher firmware version that the PS3 thinks it is. Confused? Here’s an example: You are currently on 2.17 > You use the tool to make the PS3 think it’s 1.5 firmware > You upgrade to 2.0. Theoretically you’re just going from 2.17 -> 2.0.

Here’s a quote from NDT who posted about the hack:

Using this tool you can modify a NAND backup in order to let the console think it has a lower Firmware version, so later you can use an official Sony upgrade PUP file to “downgrade” to the version you need.

It has been tested to patch all PS3 Firmware dumps up to 2.10 so far, but is a work-in-progress as we still need to test re-updating more thoroughly.

Here’s a screenshot of the application in use:

PS3 Downgrader tool WIP

(Click to view full image)

NDT also mentions that the downgrader will not be released unless an exploit in any previous firmware has been found. (Which we think may lead onto people thinking the application is a fake!)

We’ll update you when more news regarding the downloader is released.

Create your own PS3 themes

10 11 2007

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Jimmarn’s Custom Firmware Thread

22 10 2007

Many of you PSP owners out there, who are looking to install a specific custom firmware onto your PSP, may need little help.

Jimmarn, from our forums has written a fantastic tutorial with detailed instructions and downloads on how to install different types of custom firmware onto your PSP.

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Thanks Jimmarn. :)