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Buzz! Quiz TV Receives Trophies

6 08 2008

Yeah that’s right. All Buzz! Quiz TV players out there will now be able to earn trophies when playing the game. Here’s the trophy list:

Bronze Trophies

Sofa Subjugator Bronze - Win 5 Sofa vs Sofa games
The Barnard Award Bronze - Score over 1500 points in Single player
Lonesome and Loving it Bronze - Play 5 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Bronze - Play 1 MyBuzz game
Sofa Surfer Bronze - Play 1 Sofa vs Sofa game
Socialite Bronze - Play 5 Multiplayer games

Silver Trophies

Sofa Subjugator Silver - Win 20 Sofa vs Sofa games
The Barnard Award Silver - Score over 3000 points on single player
Lonesome and Loving it Silver - Play 20 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Silver - Play 20 MyBuzz games
Sofa Surfer Silver - Play 15 Sofa vs Sofa games
Socialite Silver - Play 20 multiplayer games
He’s on Fire! - Correctly answer 10 questions in a row. (Hidden)

Gold Trophies

Sofa Subjugator Gold - Win 50 sofa vs sofa games
The Barnard Award Gold - Score 5000 points in single player
Lonesome and Loving it Gold - Play 50 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Gold - play 50 MyBuzz games
Sofa Surfer Gold - Play 40 Sofa vs Sofa games
Socialite Gold - Play 50 multiplayer games
Lightning Reactions - Correctly answer 3 questions in a row in under 0.5 seconds (Hidden)

Platinum Trophies

Buzz’s New Best Friend

Super Stardust HD Trophy Patch v4.0 Released, Again..

8 07 2008

Super Stardust HD

IC3BLAK has got in touch with us again, and has confirmed that the Super Stardust HD trophy patch v4.0 has now been re-released. So, head on over to Super Stardust HD (that is, if you have it) and launch the game, the patch should begin to download.

It’s trophy time!

Assassins Creed patch v1.1 released

2 12 2007

Ubisoft recently released a patch that fixes the freezing issues on the Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC.

Many users are reporting that not only is there still freezing in their games, the other bugs and glitches are still present post-patch application. The frame rate has more or less improved, even though it was still messy. Still, however, it’s a bit surprising that the patch promised to improve the stability of the game isn’t quite doing so well. Let’s hope that everything turns out for the best.

(Personally, the game has only frozen once for me, which was before the patch.)

PSP Filer v4.30 Released

18 11 2007

Mediumgauge has released a bug fix update for his popular homebrew application, PSP Filer.

As well as removing several bugs, he has added a feature which allows re-ordering of XMB icons is available!


  • Reduced cyrillic font size of UTF-8 and Cyrillic-1251 charset.
  • Added a feature to re-order XMB icons.


  • Fixed a bug Filer was crashed when it plays a large wav file.
  • Fixed a bug Filer was crashed when it opens a folder which has some kind of ISO/CSO.

Picture viewer:

  • Fixed a bug following PNG picture was not drawn correctly: 16bit gray scale, 48bit color, and having alpha-blend.
  • Fixed a bug that caused in version 4.2, a wallpaper could not be saved.

Download Here

Warhawk v1.2 patch details

24 10 2007

A detailed patch for the v1.2 Warhawk patch has been posted on the PlayStation blog. According to Dylan Jobe (game director), this patch fixes primary glitches/bugs and the team have added new features to what the Warhawk community have requested.

Here’s the list:

  • 5 New layouts.
  • Clan game server option.
  • Buddy slot reservations.
  • Integrated Warhawk Store.
  • Updated CTF capture/return behavior.
  • Internal stat padder protection.
  • Booster Pack status display at join game list.
  • DualShock3 integration.
  • Separate SIXAXIS motion control on/off per mode (ground, hover, flight).
  • Detailed Player Score display at end of game fixed.
  • Added new server type filters (player, ranked, dedicated, clan, Official Warhawk, etc).
  • Added new server full/open filter.
  • Fall damage exploit fixed.
  • Dismount into walls exploit fixed.
  • Invisible Tank, Turret & Warhawk exploit fixed.
  • Auto-kick of idle players.
  • Add to Favorites button added to end game screen.
  • Increased VOIP volume when not using the headset.

Exciting huh?!

Unfortunatly, the patch won’t be out until mid December time. Well, at least that gives them time to test and add new features!

I bet you’re all wondering what those new layouts are! They’re not exactly ‘new’, you’ll notice that. Basically they’re smaller versions of the current layouts.

Here’s what Dylan Jobe said about them:

We have found that while a lot of players like playing the really large games, there was a pretty big segment that was playing smaller games. With that trend, we wanted to rig some new layouts that are more geared for smaller games; 4 to 8 players. The new layouts are:

  • Eucadia: High City
  • Island Outpost: Standoff
  • The Badlands: South City
  • Destroyed Capitol: Garden Showdown
  • Archipelago: Close Corridors

And withthat said, here are a few sneak peaks of the 5 levels:

Eucadia: High City

Island Outpost: Standoff

The Badlands: South City

Destroyed Capitol: Garden Showdown

Archipelago: Close Corridors

Dylan also mentioned something about a “Booster pack” bought over the new Warhawk store coming up… I wonder what this could be?

“And of course I can’t end this post without mentioning the Booster Pack. So there, I said it…”Booster Pack” :-)

I’m looking forward to it.