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First Look at Resistance 2 Gameplay!

15 06 2008

Gametrailers TV have recently published Resistance 2 gameplay from Insomniac. The game looks great, and it’s not even 100% complete yet. Resistance 2 is scheduled for a November 2008 release - we can’t wait!

Hold up, enough of the reading! Enjoy the gameplay below:

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Alone In the Dark: Gameplay Footage!

29 05 2008

After watching all those teasers, you’d surely want to watch some gameplay right? Well here it is! AITD gameplay just for you guys ;)

Leaked GTA IV PlayStation 3 footage!

23 04 2008

GTA IV Leaked Gameplay Footage
That’s right folks. GTA IV gameplay footage has been leaked with just 6 days of left before the game finally gets released.

I have no idea how someone managed to get a copy of GTA IV already, nevertheless GTA:IV gameplay has been leaked and it’s here for you to view. The footage looks pretty good from what we can see of it. It’s not the best recording but it’ll have to do until April 29th!

Here is the video: (click read more, if you haven’t done so already in order to view the video)

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