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GTA IV official maps leaked!

27 03 2008

6 photos of the map which comes with the PS3 version of GTA IV have been leaked.

2 of the photos display the controls for the game, on foot and in vehicle. You can clearly see the map and it’s general surrounding environment.

Here are the photos: (click to enlarge) Read the rest of this entry »

Call of Duty 4: Weapon stats, explosive stats, perk stats + more!

11 03 2008

So, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players I’m guessing you’ll be interested in this!

Each image shows stats etc for weapons, explosives, perks used in the game online and there’s one final image showing all the 1 - 10 prestigue levels made by us.

Weapon stats: (click to enlarge)

Call of Duty Weapon Stats

Explosive stats: (click to enlarge)

Call of Duty Explosive Stats

Perks stats: (click to enlarge)

Call of Duty Perk Stats

Prestigue levels 1 - 10:

Call of Duty Prestigue levels 1 - 10

Pretty interesting huh? Now you can choose your perfect class from looking at these stats! :)

Don’t forget to visit our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare forums!

Credit goes out to the user who created the weapon, explosives and perk stats images!

One handed PS3 controller, Xbox 360 version coming soon

25 10 2007

Independent game accessory designer Benjamin J. Heckendorn (a.k.a. Benheck in the gamers’ circle), designed a controller exclusively for one-handed use. The PlayStation 3 console prototype controller has all the features a standard controller has and is configured for either handiness.

The controller is named “Access Controller”, and is the second prototype designed by Benheck. A cool feature is that you’re able to switch around the buttons to wherever you want on the controler suiting your own prefrence.

Benheck says there is also an Xbox 360 version in the making.

Here are some images of the Access Controller in action, as well as views of it from different angles:

Although it seems pretty fun, I think I’ll stick to my 2 handed SIXAXIS controler ;)

New PSN logo spotted!

21 10 2007

A few weeks ago Sony registered a new Playstation logo. It turns out that they’ll be using it for the PlayStation Network.Probably only for Europe, at least. Just yesterday, a scan from a European magazine surfaced in PS3 Only, with the newlypatented logo of Sony: the sphere-like icon fronted by the four controller buttons - square, triangle, circle, and X.

In the scan, we see the same logo above the words “PlayStation® Network” so it’s pretty convenient for one to assume that the online service is now being represented with this icon.

We’re not sure if this also applies to any other regions aside from Europe. And we’re not even sure how official this new logo for PSN Europe is itself - it does have its “This is Living” logo at the bottom left corner though.

Here’s the scan: