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Sony Playstation E3 Press Conference Over, Recap Time!

15 07 2008

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Alright everybody, we all know what happened yesterday, at Microsoft’s E3 - Final Fantasy XIII will now be released on the 360 as well as PS3. It is no longer a PS3 exclusive, however, the title Final Fantasy XIII Versus is still a PS3 exclusive, so it’s not all that bad.

Sony’s E3 press conference just finished, and I must say - some bombs have been dropped. The conference revealed some amazing upcoming titles and updates for Sony PS3, PS2 and PSP.

This is going to be one big-ass post and we don’t want to kill the homepage, so to view the full post and all the exciting details on new PS3 exclusives and software for this year’s Sony PS3 press conference, click below:

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Sony unveils PS3 v2.40 firmware video (part 1)

30 06 2008

Okay, so not long ago Sony informed us of their official confirmation regarding PS3 v2.40 firmware update. We also saw a video of v2.40 displayed on a debug PS3 unit in it’s development stage. But now - finally - we get an official video from Sony demonstrating v2.40 in it’s final development stages! Check it out below:

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New PSN logo spotted!

21 10 2007

A few weeks ago Sony registered a new Playstation logo. It turns out that they’ll be using it for the PlayStation Network.Probably only for Europe, at least. Just yesterday, a scan from a European magazine surfaced in PS3 Only, with the newlypatented logo of Sony: the sphere-like icon fronted by the four controller buttons - square, triangle, circle, and X.

In the scan, we see the same logo above the words “PlayStation® Network” so it’s pretty convenient for one to assume that the online service is now being represented with this icon.

We’re not sure if this also applies to any other regions aside from Europe. And we’re not even sure how official this new logo for PSN Europe is itself - it does have its “This is Living” logo at the bottom left corner though.

Here’s the scan: