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GTA IV official maps leaked!

27 03 2008

6 photos of the map which comes with the PS3 version of GTA IV have been leaked.

2 of the photos display the controls for the game, on foot and in vehicle. You can clearly see the map and it’s general surrounding environment.

Here are the photos: (click to enlarge) Read the rest of this entry »

PS3 firmware 2.20 to enable “portable copy”

23 03 2008

We previously gave you a heads-up on what could be the features of Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.20. Now, a new report ups the ante by revealing yet another cool feature.

PC World recently revealed that PS3 FW 2.20 will support “Portable Copy”. Essentially, it strengthens the bond of Sony’s console with its handheld counterpart, the PlayStation Portable, by allowing movie sharing.

Portable Copy lets users create standard-definition versions of Blu-ray movies and transfers them to the PSP.

This goes with other enhancements that BD-Live, otherwise known as Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0, will bring.

We’ll keep an eye out for more information on this exciting development. Keep checking back here with us to make sure you don’t miss it.

New Motorstorm title revealed!

22 03 2008



As we all know by now, there is a sequel for the famed racing title, MotorStorm about it. The first trailer, in fact, was , although right now not much is knownsupposed to be shown last week, but it was delayed.

But all that’s about to change now, with the revelation of its title. This was given out by none other than Warwick Light, the GM for sales/marketing of Evolution Studios. No longer shall we just refer to it as MotorStorm 2. So what’s the new title?

MotorStorm: Pacifica. Just the sound of the name already sends our imaginations reeling with excitement. Green islands, cool breeze, surf waves, rocky terrains, killer cliffs… maybe even a path along an erupting volcano?

While we have yet to learn more on this title, it certainly gives us something to look forward to. But for now, we’ll have to make do with the title. Hopefully after the name will come a face for the game. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more news on this.

Sony: upcoming PS3 software update to include interactive Blu-ray movie features

20 03 2008

Two words that can get customers excited are the words “new features.” That’s precisely what Sony has planned for the next system software update of its PlayStation 3 console. According to Sony, the update will add Blu-ray Profile 2.0 - otherwise known as BD-LIVE.

Scheduled for a release date later during this month, BD-LIVE will lay the following new features on PS3 owners’ laps:

  • A variety of downloadable content, including bonus scenes, shorts, trailers, subtitles, ringtones that can be sent to mobile phones, images, and more.
  • Interactive movie-based games that pit players sitting in the same room, or across the world and online, against each other.
  • “Resume play” that enables the PS3 system to start playing a Blu-ray disc and DVD at the point where it was stopped, even if the disc had been removed. (Note that the BD-J format disc isn’t supported.)
  • “Audio Output Device,” a new Remote Play setting, enables the PSP to serve as a remote control for music played through PS3.
  • An enhanced PS3 Internet browser. Video files directly linked from a Web page will be able to be streamed, and the browser’s view speed will be improved.
  • DivX and WMV format videos that are larger than 2GB will be playable.
  • “Mosquito Noise Reduction” will be added as an AV setting in the control panel of the DVD/BD player for improved movie playback. (Likewise, the BD discs recorded with BDMV format aren’t supported.)
  • Enhanced interoperability between the PS3 and the PSP. PS3 owners may copy music and photo playlists onto their PSP Memory Stick and enjoy the files on the go.

Sony said that BD Profile 2.0 requires an Internet connection and at least 1GB of
local storage. Also, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) has announced two BD-LIVE enabled titles for an April 8 release: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and The 6th Day, complete with exclusive downloadable content.

WIP: PS3 downgrader! - No previous dumps needed.

16 03 2008

A PS3 downgrader is said to be in the making which requires no previous firmware dump. You must have the infectus mod chip for the PS3 to be able to downgrade.

How the downgrade works is that the tool modifies a NAND backup which leaves the PS3 unit thinking it is a lower firmware version than it actually is. You then upgrade using a legit Sony PS3 firmware update to upgrade to a higher firmware version that the PS3 thinks it is. Confused? Here’s an example: You are currently on 2.17 > You use the tool to make the PS3 think it’s 1.5 firmware > You upgrade to 2.0. Theoretically you’re just going from 2.17 -> 2.0.

Here’s a quote from NDT who posted about the hack:

Using this tool you can modify a NAND backup in order to let the console think it has a lower Firmware version, so later you can use an official Sony upgrade PUP file to “downgrade” to the version you need.

It has been tested to patch all PS3 Firmware dumps up to 2.10 so far, but is a work-in-progress as we still need to test re-updating more thoroughly.

Here’s a screenshot of the application in use:

PS3 Downgrader tool WIP

(Click to view full image)

NDT also mentions that the downgrader will not be released unless an exploit in any previous firmware has been found. (Which we think may lead onto people thinking the application is a fake!)

We’ll update you when more news regarding the downloader is released.

4 new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps + screen shots!

14 03 2008

Update: Official footage from the map “Chinatown” has been released!

Check out the video below:


If you didn’t know already, Infinity Ward are going to be releasing 4 new playable maps for the PS3, 360 and PC.

The new maps are rumored to be released in spring time, for a small price around £4.99. I’m sure if you’re an avid CoD4 player like me, you really won’t be bothered about the price!

The 4 new maps being released are called Broadcast, Creek, Chinatown and Killhouse. Here’s the details:

Broadcast is taken from one of the missions in the single player side of the game. From the multi-pathed main level leading into the large main room filled with cubicles to small hallways leading upstairs to the second floor, packed with even more hallways and rooms, all the way up to the roof, you can bet there will be firefights waiting around every corner. With a map being so much based inside, you can bet you’ll be killed far less by airstrikes and helicopters than you would in an outdoor based map.

Broadcast preview:

Call of Duty 4 New map - Broadcast

The second map being published by Infinity Ward is call Creek. At the first look of this map I see some resemblance from the map Overgrown. This is a large outdoor map with a few houses located on one side of it. Cutting through the middle of the map is a ravine with the “Creek” running right along it’s bottom. There’s also a large cave at some point leading out of the ravine. With all these levels and undergrowth abounding this map will be a snipers delight.

Creek Preview:

Call of Duty 4 new map - Creek

The other two will be Chinatown, which is pretty self-explanatory, and Killhouse, which is a “bonus” map that we didn’t get any hard details on (though we were told to think of the single-player campaign’s initial training level as a reference). The map pack will be available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the coming months for an unspecified price. But interestingly, Infinity Ward hasn’t decided how the maps will be distributed on the PC, where players are much more expectant of postrelease bonus content being released for free. Realistically, Call of Duty 4’s multiplayer is so absurdly good that would have gladly handed over cash for whatever maps the designers could have phoned in–so we’re especially glad to see them putting so much time and care into this first release.

Call of Duty 4 gun sounds - AMAZING!

13 03 2008

WOW, never seen anything like this before.

A series of gunshots taken from Call of Duty 4 and created into a song. Nice huh?! :)

Check out the video, you’ll be amazed.

(Thanks Ash_1337)

Call of Duty 4: Weapon stats, explosive stats, perk stats + more!

11 03 2008

So, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players I’m guessing you’ll be interested in this!

Each image shows stats etc for weapons, explosives, perks used in the game online and there’s one final image showing all the 1 - 10 prestigue levels made by us.

Weapon stats: (click to enlarge)

Call of Duty Weapon Stats

Explosive stats: (click to enlarge)

Call of Duty Explosive Stats

Perks stats: (click to enlarge)

Call of Duty Perk Stats

Prestigue levels 1 - 10:

Call of Duty Prestigue levels 1 - 10

Pretty interesting huh? Now you can choose your perfect class from looking at these stats! :)

Don’t forget to visit our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare forums!

Credit goes out to the user who created the weapon, explosives and perk stats images!

Euro Xbox 360 price cuts landing Monday says paper

9 03 2008


It’s official.

The 360 Arcade is now just €199.99 / £159.99, while the Premium drops €80 / £50 to €269.99 / £199.99 and the Elite comes down €80 / £40 to €369.99 / £259.99.


It appears that the Financial Times Germany is reporting that this Monday, Microsoft will trim the price from the Arcade and Pro consoles, cutting €80 and €50 off the price tag, respectively.

Financial Times Germany newspaper picture:

Xbox 360 Price Cut

Forum Update - Game sections - Call of Duty forum added!

9 03 2008

A while back Jimmarn suggested that instead of having a games forum for each console, we should have one big games forum for all consoles. Today I merged all the seperate game sections together and this means that all game discussion, whether it’s a PS3 game or a Wii game, will go in the big “Games” category. This forum can be accessed through the forum index.

As well as this, I have added a forum dedicated to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as a subforum within the Games category. Not only am I a big fan of this game myself, I know a lot of you guys are too, which is why I did this. You can access this new forum by clicking Games > Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from the forum root. Optionally you can click on the Call of duty image in the sidebar under the featured content.

- p0Wer :)