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BETA testers needer, free premium membership!

30 06 2008

Okay, so the site’s new features are pretty much complete - just not gone live yet. We just need to add some content such as game saves/media etc which should kick-start the site’s new features off.

We’re looking for a bunch of BETA testers who will test out the new features on the site - before anybody else(!) - and once done this, you will need to leave feedback on the site’s new features/looks on the forum. Once done this, is everything is okay, the features will go live (released to all members).

After the BETA is over, all BETA testers will receive FREE premium membership on the site. Premium members receive extra downloads, game media, backgrounds etc (the same goes for members who donate to the site!) and will have no download limits throughout the site.

If you’re wanting to become a BETA member, click here to send us a message.

Site/Forum updates coming very, VERY soon.

28 06 2008

We discussed the forum/site updates not long ago, and finally they’re almost here!

The forums will have have received a major re-design - one that matches the homepage theme very well. PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP wallpapers will be avaliable to all members to download, avaliable in high resolution for those HD TV’s out there of course ;)

Game saves are currently being implanted into the site’s database for the PS3 and PSP, which are avaliable to members - with no download limits! Other media such as videos, images, programs/firmwares will also be avaliable to download through our download section, again avaliable to members. This download section will continue to grow, more and more media will be added as time goes by!

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Back to the blog!

9 10 2007

Just setup the new blog, looks the same as it did in the past, just before we went from the blog to the portal.

We moved back to the wordpress blog due to the fact it looked more professional etc…

Please, feel free to post your own console news that you find over in the “Console News” category at the forums. I’ll check what has been posted there, and if it’s worthy, I’ll post it here on the homepage!

If you’d prefer to email me news, send me an email to;

[email protected]