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Mario Kart Wii - Cheaters already!?

13 04 2008

UPDATE: Nintendo have fixed the exploits already. Nintendo also deleted the records of cheaters and so far, no new cheaters have been spotted.

Mario Kart Wii
It has been reported already that people are cheating their way up the leaderboards on the Mario Kart online time trials. The Time Trial leaderboards are beginning to fill up with unrealistic times that cannot be attained with a normal 3 laps around a track - no matter how good of a player you are.

The cheaters are all scoring a very similar times on the leaderboards, all of which are unlikely times that are not fair for gamers who like to play fair.

Hopefully we’ll soon hear from Nintendo and what they’re going to do about this. We’ll keep you updated.

WIP: PS3 downgrader! - No previous dumps needed.

16 03 2008

A PS3 downgrader is said to be in the making which requires no previous firmware dump. You must have the infectus mod chip for the PS3 to be able to downgrade.

How the downgrade works is that the tool modifies a NAND backup which leaves the PS3 unit thinking it is a lower firmware version than it actually is. You then upgrade using a legit Sony PS3 firmware update to upgrade to a higher firmware version that the PS3 thinks it is. Confused? Here’s an example: You are currently on 2.17 > You use the tool to make the PS3 think it’s 1.5 firmware > You upgrade to 2.0. Theoretically you’re just going from 2.17 -> 2.0.

Here’s a quote from NDT who posted about the hack:

Using this tool you can modify a NAND backup in order to let the console think it has a lower Firmware version, so later you can use an official Sony upgrade PUP file to “downgrade” to the version you need.

It has been tested to patch all PS3 Firmware dumps up to 2.10 so far, but is a work-in-progress as we still need to test re-updating more thoroughly.

Here’s a screenshot of the application in use:

PS3 Downgrader tool WIP

(Click to view full image)

NDT also mentions that the downgrader will not be released unless an exploit in any previous firmware has been found. (Which we think may lead onto people thinking the application is a fake!)

We’ll update you when more news regarding the downloader is released.

Xbox 360 Elite Laptop

10 02 2008

That’s right folks — it’s the Xbox 360 Elite laptop. We’re not even going to try and pretend to understand how an individual could go about creating this kind of extreme mod to the Microsoft console — needless to say that if there was one man who could do it, Ben is that guy. Luckily for us lay-people, he’s included a graphic breakdown of just about every step on the road to a portable Xbox 360, replete will all the case cracking, innards opening, wire splaying photos you could possibly want or need

Wow, that guy really pushed the limits…


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PlayStation 3: Game disc EBOOT.BIN decrypted!

6 02 2008

As some recent events indicate, the community is beginning to make headway in cracking open Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. The PS3News site’s dev has announced that they have successfully decrypted ELF file from a PS3 game disc. Quoting CJPC’s post regarding the details:

This removes BOTH the disc layer of encryption on the EBOOT.BIN, as well as the file layer of encryption.

PlayStation 3: Game disc ELF file decrypted - Image 1

Aside from the announcement, the dev team also states that they’ve successfully downgraded a PS3 without using a previous flash dump backup. That’s all the information we’ve picked up so far regarding this ongoing project. Drop by again in case we receive word of any related updates.

Dark AleX’s Time Machine: install 1.50 kernel on your PSP Slim

2 02 2008

Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer Dark AleX has certainly contributed a lot to the handheld homebrew scene, and his latest project is certainly looking to be quite the contribution indeed. Introducing the Time Machine, a handy app that installs the 1.50 kernel onto your PSP Slim. Yes, that’s what it does, and there’s a video to prove it, too!

Of course, installing the 1.50 kernel onto your PSP Slim may not be the only thing it does, as Mathieulh has revealed that Time Machine is still a work in progress, and is not yet the final product. We’re certainly curious ourselves as to what else Time Machine can do, but until we get more info about it, we’ll just have to let this video of it in action tide us over. Enjoy!

Possible PS3 hack/exploit in RFOM!

20 01 2008

Something we PS3 owners have all be waiting…

Team ICE and StreetskaterFU have announced that that they’ve found a method to execute unsigned code on retail Sony PlayStation 3 units running firmware 2.10. If this proves to be true, then we might be seeing PS3 homebrew soon!

While the current method is still in its early phase, the hackers (and many members of the community) feel that this is very promising. What makes this hack work is a Resistance: Fall of Man exploit which allows the hackers to run SELF files in the PS3s operating system.

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Dark Alex released CFW M33-4

17 01 2008

We’re letting the word out that Dark AleX has just released Custom PSP Firmware M33-4. This new build carries with it some error fixes and improvements to enable it to work with an equally new Popsloader version also in circulation. Quoting the readme:

* Fixed synchronization issue that plugins check code caused in PSN NP9660 original games (fixes 0×80010013 error)
* Added a couple of libs to the nids resolver.
* Added some internal changes required by incoming 3.80 popsloader plugin.
* galaxy.prx was changed to a new version that is giving problems with slow memory sticks. Reverted back to previous versions. This didn’t only affect decrypted isos running in NP9660 mode.

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Nintendo Wii fully hacked?

30 12 2007

A group from the 24th Annual Chaos Communication Congress (24AC3) have just shown off a live demonstration of homebrew running on the Wii!

Yes, on the Wii itself, and not via the GameCube backwards compatibility feature of Nintendo’s latest console. Proof? They were able to use the Wiimote’s motion-sensing capabilities in conjunction with the homebrew program, as you’ll see in a video we linked to below.

As soon as we hear more news from the team, we’ll let you know what’s going on.

>Watch the demonstration<

PSP Custom Firmware Extender 1.9

10 11 2007

Homebrew developer Cpasjuste announced that a new build for the PSP Custom Firmware Extender plugin is now available. This homebrew adds several extra functions to PSPs running on custom firmwares, such as the ability to adjust your CPU speed, screen brightness, or take screenshots.

Custom Firmware Extender v1.9 has been configured to work exclusively for PSP running on the recently released CFW 3.71 M33, and carries these new changes:

  • Added iso and homebrew redirection via WIFI with the use of dark alex nethostfs optimized by ahman. (iso streaming is not really usable due to speed transfer)
  • Memory usage optimized.
  • Text rendering graphicaly optimized.

Users interested in reading up on how to install and properly use Cpasjuste’s Custom Firmware Extender v1.9 plugin are advised to view the readme included in the file bundle.


1 seg hack for PSP fat

20 10 2007

Based on a tip we picked up from Thomas k., it looks like the PSP Slim’s TV tuner attachment has been hacked to work on the PSP Phat. According to Thomas, he uncovered this possibility by way of a video demonstration and of a tutorial found on the web. We’ll be posting the video first to give you an idea of how the hack looks:


Thomas was also kind enough to explain part of the tutorial, which was originally written in Japanese:

The tutorial says that we have to get the mentioned files from a dump of the firmware update (since in the phat PSP they are not installed) and throw in the flash0 memory. And the last file vshmain.prx should be hex edited to hack the “Network Update” icon on the XMB to activate the 1seg tunner.

While Thomas was unable to fully confirm the hack for himself (No tuner or air signals in Brazil), he stated that a fellow Brazilian living in Japan reports that the hack works, although the Phat has poorer reception than the Slim.

Our tipster further noted that he has also translated the Japanese 1seg hack tutorial into Brazilian Portuguese and posted it at the Brazilian Orkut community site. Those interested in checking out Thomas’ full tutorial instructions can visit the site via the Read link provided below.