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PSP Tube 20080224 released!

24 02 2008

A new build is out for PSPTube from homebrew developer SofiyaCat. For those who aren’t familiar with the application, PSPTube allows your unit to play FLV videos without the need to convert the files.

PSPTube is now on release 20080224, with three new features in tow. Here’s the changelog for this new release:

  • JavaScript can be added at the site.
  • This based on the part of the search for additional specifications.
  • Video Search part of the specification is subject to change

Please be careful in installing and using the the application, which is still in its evaluation stage. For more information, you can check out the previous releases of the program.


CSPSP 1.5 released!

8 02 2008

A new version of the 2D PSP homebrew, CSPSP, has just been released by nataku. Here are some words from the developer:

- v1.5 UPDATE-

I finally had time to finish up v1.5 for release! The biggest feature is probably online infrastructure, but I’m not sure how the system will perform under heavy usage (so don’t be too surprised if something doesn’t work :O). I’ve also made quite a few other smaller changes, which can be found in this complete list of updates:

Quite a few changes have been made. A major one is the addition of infrastructure.


Implemented new camera system

Added aiming guide lines

Made some small changes to recoil system (mainly for sniper rifles and shotguns)

Added character type select

Added spectator mode for singleplayer

Added round timer in spectator mode

Made score list sorted

Changed layout of Options a bit

Added option to enable/disable friendly-fire

Added option to choose name

Implemented new Online system

_________________________ ___________________

***Implemented infrastructure multiplayer***

_________________________ ___________________

Implemented Game Lobby

Added ability to chat

Made multiplayer less buggy (hopefully)

Fixed network select (before it wouldn’t work if you deleted any connections)

Limited death indicator to 3 max

Fixed the buying deagle bug

Fixed a small sound issue when firing and strafing

Fixed knife

Made sure money doesn’t go down if you already have full ammo

Text on scoreboard is now the name of the map instead of “test”

Made shotgun fire straighter

Added more custom maps (including river by me )

Added more guns to iceworld

Other small fixes that I can’t remember right now





Quickest Exit PSP plug-in released

23 01 2008

A PSP plug-in released by developer Red Squirrel. Allows a faster exit from PSP games. The game or homebrew you are playing is automatically exited if you press the home button. There are no checks, so you may exit by accident.

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PSPTube 2007 1229c Released

2 01 2008

This version, which is apparently called PSPTube 20071229c, has a couple of neat little additions you might like, though the one most readily visible for users would be the addition of a playlist function.

Here’s the changelog, as written by an online translation engine:

  • Stage6 respond. (Video successfully reproduce less.)
  • Config.js favorites in a folder (a favorite) can be changed now
  • SELECT button in the full-size video, the original, can now be switched
  • Playlist function has been added
  • Other small bug fixes
  • Download and fall to make bug fixes. (Β3)

Sofiyacat notes one known bug, however, which apparently freezes the program: “Online and Offline switch to the network when to cancel the dialog, OSK ?button to open and freeze 100 percent. -> ->I do check in to NYA.”

In any case, you can download the program below, and you can visit the source link for additional information on Sofiyacat’s program, should you choose to do so. Enjoy!

Download: PSPTube 20071229c

Duke Nukem 3D port for the PSP build 98

8 12 2007

MrPeanut has released Duke3D-PSP Build 98!

Mr. Nukem can now reign king on your PSP while listening to the original midi soundtrack. Yes, build 98 introduces music support! You will however require the gravis ultrasound sound patches. Details can be found in ‘readitreadit.txt.’

Badass Duke

Note: you require the shareware or full retail version of “DUKE3D.GRP.” Shareware versions can be obtained here.


Via PSP-Hacks

PSP Halo Updated

6 12 2007

Alright, so it’s not really Halo for the PSP. More or less it’s a themed out Quake mod — a good one though! Two maps are included: “HALO hig” and “HALO pri.” HALO hig doesn’t allow bots and will crash if you attempt to load any; it’s more of a training map to help familiarize yourself with things. HALO pri is a huge map supporting bots.

You may have saw PSP Halo before, but this is an updated version –

  1. complete menu change as well as loading (everything is new)
  2. better graphics (all around design of the stages, weapons, and so on)
  3. only 5 bots allowed (the last one featured up to 7 bots but it caused an extreme case of lag in both 1 player and multiplayer.)
  4. new icons (for the actual homebrew)
  5. download size decreased from around 65mb to around 35mb (memory conservation is always good)
  6. support for the psp fat and slim running a 3.XX-X custom firmware (so you just drop the homebrew right into the GAME folder and your all done)
  7. better audio (although some at this point dont load, they still sound a lot better)
  8. Settable RAM (although this is not completed yet)
  9. 2 different bots (Master bot=hard as hell to kill Demo bot=easy to kill)
  10. 2 Maps (both are HUGE)
  11. Bug fixes (what update is complete without them)

Via PSP-Hacks .

WiFiX Beta Build 1.61 - French chatroom, WiStoriX links fixed

27 11 2007

Those who have been enjoying the PlayStation Portable portal WiFiX will be happy to know that homebrew developer jfig111 recently released a new build.

Aside from all its other features like games and applications, the WiFiX portal essentially allows PSP users to connect to others around the globe by giving them options to save name, emails and addresses.


PSP Filer v4.30 Released

18 11 2007

Mediumgauge has released a bug fix update for his popular homebrew application, PSP Filer.

As well as removing several bugs, he has added a feature which allows re-ordering of XMB icons is available!


  • Reduced cyrillic font size of UTF-8 and Cyrillic-1251 charset.
  • Added a feature to re-order XMB icons.


  • Fixed a bug Filer was crashed when it plays a large wav file.
  • Fixed a bug Filer was crashed when it opens a folder which has some kind of ISO/CSO.

Picture viewer:

  • Fixed a bug following PNG picture was not drawn correctly: 16bit gray scale, 48bit color, and having alpha-blend.
  • Fixed a bug that caused in version 4.2, a wallpaper could not be saved.

Download Here

StrmnNrmn: Daedalus R13 coming very soon

25 10 2007

StrmnNrmn posted an update today over at his personal website regarding the promised R13 version of Daedalus. For those not in the know, this program is an emulator that allows PlayStation Portable owners play N64 games on their Sony handheld.

According to the coder, he will be releasing R13 after he has added the final finishing touches to the savestate support. These include checking if the savestate you’re loading is for a different rom than the one currently loaded as well as linking some metadata to the savestate so they can be shown in the UI.

“In summary R13 is really close and I’ve not forgotten about it. Just a few more things to sort out and it’ll be ready for release,” StrmnNrmn added. Currently, here are the already functioning features of Daedalus R13’s savestate option straight from the coder himself:

The current implementation provides 10 slots which are shared across all roms.
You can save to any slot at any time from an option on the Pause menu, or choose to reload a previous savestate.
In this way it works just like QuickSave/QuickLoad found in various PC games.
I’m tempted to add a special slot for this to the top level of the Pause menu.
I used zlib to compress the savestates, so an 8MiB savestate compresses down to 1MiB (or even smaller if you’re running games which don’t use the Expansion Pak).

PSP Homebrew MazeGen3d 2.0 Released

21 10 2007

Thanks to michaelp from our forums for informing me of this.

Highsight has released his second version of MazeGen3d for the PSP, a fun 3d maze game.

Here’s the readme/changelog:

Menus (Lol Text GUI)
Save Mazes
Load Mazes
Pause Menu
(semi)MP3 Support!

3D Rendering has been GREATLY improved, now guaranteed to be LAG FREE regardless of maze size!
Changing Maze Size is now MUCH easier, Maximum Sizes changed to 100.

Maze Editor
Save Games
OGG Support (almost done, minor problems)
Full, skipless MP3 Support
Perfect 3D Rendering (You MAY see empty spaces, this is a known bug.)
Map Packs

How to…:

Add Music: Place all MP3s you would like to listen to while you play into “ms0:/MUSIC/”.

Add Mazes: With the ability to save and load Mazes, people can now post Mazes online, in order to play these mazes, simply place all .mze files in the “Mazes” directory.

Special Thanks to:
jsharrad (For turning it into EBoot form!)
Tactical Penguin (Could never have done this without your 3D tutorials, you’re a credit to the LUA world! )
Bleh (For his 3D Camera tutorial)
Cools (For his awesome LUA Mod!)

Final Notes:
With the creation of .mze files I really hope to see some mazes on the internet. Although there is no maze editor now, you can still create your own mazes by hand in ANY text editor. All you have to do is create an array (or even just copy another one) and place the following:

0 = Wall
1 = Path
2 = Start Point
3 = Ending Point (MUST BE FACING NORTH!)

You don’t need to name the maze files anything special, you just need to have a “.mze” extension. Enjoy!

Here’s a couple of screenshots: