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Resistance 2 - Public Beta

3 10 2008

Sony have opened sign-ups for the Resistance 2 public beta, but only for a limited time, use your PlayStation Network Account to sign in.

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Resistance 2 Cover Art

Resistance 2 Leaked Online Gameplay Footage

18 08 2008

So if you didn’t know already, the Resistance 2 private BETA was recently released to a select group of PS3 users. The clip below shows an online team deathmatch from the Resistance 2 BETA. It sure does look good - check it out below:

New Resistance 2 Trailer For E3

15 07 2008

Insomniac have created another great looking Resistance 2 trailer getting us ready for the game release in November 08.

This trailer will be one of the videos used today at Sony press conference - E3. Check it out:

First Look at Resistance 2 Gameplay!

15 06 2008

Gametrailers TV have recently published Resistance 2 gameplay from Insomniac. The game looks great, and it’s not even 100% complete yet. Resistance 2 is scheduled for a November 2008 release - we can’t wait!

Hold up, enough of the reading! Enjoy the gameplay below:

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Insomniac announces Resistance 2 Home and Trophy Support

11 06 2008

Resistance 2

Insomniac have recently been in touch with Eurogamer and have said that Resistance: Fall of Man will not be receiving Home and trophy support for the game when firmware 2.40 & Home is released. However, Insomniac said that their sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, will have full trophy and Home support.

We’re pretty sure that many PS3/Resistance owners out there will be perfectly fine with this decision, seeing as Resistance 2 comes out in November, and many PS3 owners who still play Resistance 1 will probably decide it’s time to move forward and play Resistance 2. Let’s just hope Home and trophy support is released before Resistance 2 is released!

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Resistance 2 teaser trailer

13 04 2008

Resistance 2 Teaser

If you are a fan of Resistance: Fall of Man, we’re sure you’re going to love this.

Insomniac Games have released a teaser trailer of their upcoming game, Resistance 2. The game is going to be released sometime around in November ‘08. This short clip, (we’re sure you’ll agree with us) is just mind blowing.

Here’s the teaser trailer: (click more to view the full post if you havn’t done so already.)

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