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Insomniac announces Resistance 2 Home and Trophy Support

11 06 2008

Resistance 2

Insomniac have recently been in touch with Eurogamer and have said that Resistance: Fall of Man will not be receiving Home and trophy support for the game when firmware 2.40 & Home is released. However, Insomniac said that their sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, will have full trophy and Home support.

We’re pretty sure that many PS3/Resistance owners out there will be perfectly fine with this decision, seeing as Resistance 2 comes out in November, and many PS3 owners who still play Resistance 1 will probably decide it’s time to move forward and play Resistance 2. Let’s just hope Home and trophy support is released before Resistance 2 is released!

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PlayStation Home v0.86 Images Leaked

26 05 2008

PlayStation Home
14 screenshots of what PlayStation Home to be were leaked. Due to copyright issues, we cannot post them on the site - sorry.

One of the images displays the new area called the “Media & Events Space”. This looks like an area where PlayStation-related media will be displayed and available for download. What can we expect to be in the “Media & Events Space” center? It sounds interesting.

The open PlayStation Beta is to be released sometime later in the year, until then we’ll have to sit back and wait as we countdown to Home.

PS3’s “Home” delayed yet again

22 04 2008


Sony Computer Entertainment claimed that the ongoing Closed Beta test was to be “expanded” by an undisclosed number of users.

Because the closed beta is being pushed back even further, this means that the open beta/full version of Home will be pushed back further and further.

According to Sony’s top brass, Kazuo Hirai, the extension to the later half of 2008 was required to ensure that the Home experience is completely refined to the standards of the company.

Ah well, I guess it’ll be good when it finally gets released.

Rumor: PS3 Home beta to be released soon?

29 11 2007

It looks like there still are several rumors about the early release date of PlayStation Home floating about, and this is no exception: a poster in the Europe PlayStation forums talked about another early PlayStation Home release, this time based on PlayStation 3’s latest ad campaign.

According to one of the PlayStation forum posters, Sony supposedly hinted about Home’s early release in the recent ad campaign, since PlayStation Home is paired with Idol Mind’s PlayStation Network exclusive PAIN. PAIN is scheduled for release on November 29.

This theory was debunked by Europe PlayStation forum community team member BetaBoy, however, saying that it is “totally rumour and speculation”. While it’s too bad that we won’t see PlayStation Home sooner, we’d just have to wait for its launch like good little boys and girls. For now, we’ll just have to make do with news about Home’s progress.

More updates to come soon!

PlayStation Home to be released in Japan in Spring 2008

30 10 2007

With all its talk of PSP integration and a sprawling console-based virtual world, one can’t help but feel some sort of amazement at the coming of PlayStation Home. For our readers out there who are living in Japan right now, you might be wondering, “When are we going to get Home?” Well, we can finally give you an answer to that question, and that answer is, “Spring 2008.”

While making our daily rounds on the Japanese websites, we managed to find a little tidbit that all but assures us of a Spring release. It seems that, at the Tokyo Content Market 2007 symposium, a senior producer for Sony managed to say that Japan would also see the PlayStation Home come Spring 2008.

Seeing as PlayStation Home is also set for release in other territories in Spring 2008, could we expect to see a simultaneous worldwide release? The possibility certainly exists, complete with the potential bells and whistles of a PlayStation Home launch party. In any case, we’ll certainly keep you updated on the latest happenings in PlayStation land. Keep checking QJ for more updates as they happen.