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Time Machine Configurator v1.0

20 02 2008

If you’re still having trouble getting Dark AleX’s Time Machine homebrew app to work on your PlayStation Portable, then don’t worry because we’ve got some good news which may be of use to you.

Homebrew developer Red Squirrel has created a new application which exclusively takes care of all the necessary configuration needed to run the latest version of Time Machine on your PSP.

What makes this particular program convenient for people who want to switch back to any of the previous custom firmware is the fact that you can do this by simply pressing a specific combination of keys, which you can customize on the /TM/config.txt file found in the program.

However, the developer has noted a couple of bugs in the current version of the app. Because of some kernel issues, the NOTE, WLAN, VOL, SCREEN, and HOME keys cannot be used while running Time Machine Configurator. Fortunately, Red Squirrel mentions the possibility of future releases supporting these specific keys some day.

As always, please make sure to take a look at the Readme.txt file for more details on how to install Time Machine Configurator into your PSP handheld. In any case, we hope you enjoy the download!

Download: Time Machine Configurator v1.0

3.90M33 1.50Kernel Add-on V2 released

10 02 2008

Yes, that’s right, the 1.50kernel add-on V2 is here for 3.90M33. Here is the readme:

Instructions. Copy to /PSP/GAME and run.


  • - TA086: when being in 4th brightness level and recovering from sleep mode, the display was black. Fixed.
  • - Added support in the 1.50 kernel for memory sticks greater than 4 GB. (I finally got my 8GB card! :D)
  • Before, only the first 4 GB portion was recognized by the 1.5 kernel.
    Now, the theroetical limit is 4GB*512 = 2 Terabytes. (”only” 1 TB, if sony were using signed variables).

Download from dark-alex’s site:


Dark Alex released CFW M33-4

17 01 2008

We’re letting the word out that Dark AleX has just released Custom PSP Firmware M33-4. This new build carries with it some error fixes and improvements to enable it to work with an equally new Popsloader version also in circulation. Quoting the readme:

* Fixed synchronization issue that plugins check code caused in PSN NP9660 original games (fixes 0×80010013 error)
* Added a couple of libs to the nids resolver.
* Added some internal changes required by incoming 3.80 popsloader plugin.
* galaxy.prx was changed to a new version that is giving problems with slow memory sticks. Reverted back to previous versions. This didn’t only affect decrypted isos running in NP9660 mode.

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Mathieulh: Dark AleX’s 3.80 M33 CFW not coming in December 24

24 12 2007

After the news of Dark AleX working on 3.80 M33 CFW spread like wildfire throughout the Internet, a related rumor started to circulate throughout the information tubes. According to this interesting tidbit, DAX will release the 3.80 M33 CFW on December 24.

A poster from a gaming related forum reportedly saw Dark AleX posting “I will be releasing 3.80 M33 the 24th December” in an IRC channel. However, homebrew developer Mathieulh gunned down the rumor (and possibly dashing the hopes of PSP users hoping for an early release in the process), saying that the Dark AleX who posted that statement through IRC is most likely a fake, and explained that the real DAX wouldn’t show up in public IRC servers, “for obvious reasons.”

Well, there you have it. While we won’t get the 3.80 M33 CFW just in time for Christmas, at least we know that it’s already being worked on. More updates to come!

Dark_AleX working on 3.80 M33 CFW!

22 12 2007

Here’s some good news for those of us looking forward to a new custom firmware for our Sony PlayStation Portables, after the coming of the official 3.80 firmware beast from Sony itself: it seems that none other than Dark AleX himself is working on it, with the official firmware itself already dumped and decrypted. Awesome.

This comes from a forum post from the Sony PlayStation Portable developer himself, in a thread that talks about the official firmware being ripe for the picking. The post:

Well, I will not be updating psar dumper until 3.80 M33, as for decompression it needs the 3.80 sysmem function for the new algorithm, but sysmem is also compressed with it. I’ll be using the ipl function for internal decryption.

Straight from the homebrew developer’s keyboard, and definitely good enough for us. Here’s to a quick and flawless release (as always)!

DAX’s “Hello World” app: Fullscreen TV out for Homebrew

15 10 2007

Dark AleX has created a program that allows programmers to access PSP Slim & Lite’s TV out capabilities using component, composite, and d-terminal cables. More than a full program, this one is more of a “Hello World” proof that such can be done.

Art added that the resolution for composite cables is 720×503 while using component cables will yield a resolution of 720×480. The program has not been tested formally with D-terminal cables but it basically uses the same code as that of the component’s.

Art added:

To use it in your code, you just have to replace the call to sceDisplaySetMode with the call to my custom function pspDveMgrSetVideoOut (which calls sceImposeSetVideoOutMode, which at the end calls sceDisplaySetMode), and be aware of the bigger resolution.

This really is an exciting development especially that Sony has reiterated time and again that certain cables can be only used for certain functions.