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Sony develops 3mm Blu-ray laser

26 01 2008

Sony has developed the world’s smallest Blu-ray laser. The module both reads and writes the Blu-ray format.

Just how small is this Blu-ray laser? 3 millimeters on its longest side. You could lose it in a haystack. Read the rest of this entry »

Wii sales to hit 100 million in 2012

21 01 2008

Japanese market analyst Yuta Sakurai is convinced that by the year 2012, Nintendo would have sold 100 million Wii units across the world. Credit that to the market-expanding innovations that Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata and his team implemented.
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SCEA announce PS3 and PSP hardware sales for October.

16 11 2007

Sony Computer Entertainment America has just released an official statement outlining its hardware sales for the month of October. In general, this month has been an excellent one for the PlayStation brand with a 39% increase in total retail dollars generated year-over-year in the U.S.

Going to the specifics, SCEA said that it was able to sell more or less 120,000 PlayStation 3 units in America alone for the month of October. The company also cited results of own research pointing out to a great spike in sales with a 192% lift for the PS3 over the past two weeks.

The PlayStation Portable platform, on the other hand, remains strong as well with a total number of 286,000 units sold this month. Overall sales went up, according to SCEA, by 120% year over year due to the popularity of the slimmer and lighter PSP.