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Mysterious timer counting down from 60 hours on PlayStation Japan site

16 04 2008

SCEJ 60 Hour Timer
A mysterious timer has appeared on PlayStation Japan’s website, which seems to be in a pool of blood.The timer started at 60 hours and seems to be counting down to something… something we’re unaware of. If you have your sound on, you’ll notice a male and a female (English speaking), and this is what the couple seem to be saying (thanks to wolf3ax):

M: Uhh, That don’t look right, what is that?
F: Did you see that just now, its like it was looking for something, what are they doing? That doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever-
M: Shh.
M: Man/Da** this is some F***’d up s***, they could have killed her.
F: (not super sure) Oh look, oh no, omg, I cant watch this
M: Shh, quiet, there he is.
F: NO! They’re gonna kill her too!
M: S***, we’ve got to do something
F: (cant tell)
Voice in background: Your gonna F**** him up, what the h*** are you doing!
M: Look, someone’s trying to stop him…
V.I.B: Oh s***
M: ..That guys in deep S***, we’ve got to go to the cops
F: (not sure) I’m not ready captain.

Hmm well I wonder what’s going to happen after the countdown is complete, I guess only time will tell. Perhaps it’s a new game being released? Who knows.

[Check out the timer yourself]

PSP Firmware 3.80 — Dec. 18th + Screen shots!

14 12 2007

SCEJ recently announced a new arrival of PSP firmware - 3.80.

Here is the corresponding [translated] changelog:

You can now schedule 1Seg TV tuner to record your favorite show at a certain time (similar to Tivo). This feature will only work on the new slim (PSP-2000).

PSP will now support streaming audio through the internet connection.

PlayStation Spot is now also available at BB Mobile Point (only in Japan).

You can now do a scene-search in video (search for beginning of each scene or clip).This is under the video feature.

RSS will now support opml file. You can subscribe to multiple channels which is saved in opml file. And now, RSS will also support picture (photo).

Sony also provided us with a few screen shots of the new firmware in action. Check them out:

Looks pretty cool for all those non hackers out there! :D (I expect it won’t be long until it’s hacked anyway) :P

SCEJ Release PSP 3.72 PSP firmware

1 11 2007

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) has released a new firmware update for the PlayStation Portable, bringing the official firmware up to version 3.72. This update concerns models PSP-1001 and PSP-2001 sold in North America.

Here’s the official changelog of newest system software update, PSP firmware 3.72:

* You can now set a theme under [Theme Settings].
o The home menu color, background and icons for XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) will change, based on the theme that is selected.
* You can now search for a scene when playing a movie that is saved on Memory Stick Duo media.
o You can select and play the scene you want to see from a thumbnail image.
* Simultaneous playback of content under (Music) and (Photo) is now supported.
* Games
o New for 3.72: Support for PLAYSTATION ®Network titles has been expanded.
* Network
o [Assign Buttons] has been added to the (Remote Play) menu.
* Video
o Sequential playback of videos saved on Memory Stick Duo™ media is now supported.

* Support has been added for [Remote Start]* of the PS3 system under [Remote Play].
o To use this feature, the PS3 system software must be version 2.00 or later. For detailed information about [Remote Start], visit the PS3 Help & Support section at and select Connecting to other devices in the General Guides area.