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StrmnNrmn: Daedalus R13 coming very soon

25 10 2007

StrmnNrmn posted an update today over at his personal website regarding the promised R13 version of Daedalus. For those not in the know, this program is an emulator that allows PlayStation Portable owners play N64 games on their Sony handheld.

According to the coder, he will be releasing R13 after he has added the final finishing touches to the savestate support. These include checking if the savestate you’re loading is for a different rom than the one currently loaded as well as linking some metadata to the savestate so they can be shown in the UI.

“In summary R13 is really close and I’ve not forgotten about it. Just a few more things to sort out and it’ll be ready for release,” StrmnNrmn added. Currently, here are the already functioning features of Daedalus R13’s savestate option straight from the coder himself:

The current implementation provides 10 slots which are shared across all roms.
You can save to any slot at any time from an option on the Pause menu, or choose to reload a previous savestate.
In this way it works just like QuickSave/QuickLoad found in various PC games.
I’m tempted to add a special slot for this to the top level of the Pause menu.
I used zlib to compress the savestates, so an 8MiB savestate compresses down to 1MiB (or even smaller if you’re running games which don’t use the Expansion Pak).