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Call of Duty 4 Glitch - Act II - The Sins of the Father

15 04 2008

Yesterday when my internet was down, I played a little bit of CoD:MW single player and I was looking for glitches.

I found this glitch, on the level The Sins of the Father in Act II. It’s a pretty cool glitch that enables you to to climb on top of the building.

Here’s the video: (click read the rest if this article if you haven’t done so already to view the video)

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Call of Duty 4 Glitches: Backlot, Bloc & Crossfire!

2 03 2008

Hey guys so I thought it would be fun to video some of the glitches I knew on Call of Duty 4 and upload them to youtube. :)

Each of the following glitches have been done in old school mode. Don’t play old school mode like me? Well they’re pretty fun to mess around with in private matches with friends.

Backlot glitches:

Crossfire glitches:

Bloc glitches:

Remember: Old school mode must be enabled for these glitches to work. Non-old school mode doesn’t let you jump as high as you can in old school mode so you won’t be able to pull of the glitches without old school mode enabled.