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Resistance 2 Leaked Online Gameplay Footage

18 08 2008

So if you didn’t know already, the Resistance 2 private BETA was recently released to a select group of PS3 users. The clip below shows an online team deathmatch from the Resistance 2 BETA. It sure does look good - check it out below:



4 responses to “Resistance 2 Leaked Online Gameplay Footage”

20 08 2008
Cord Covers (12:07:52) :

I tried to subscribe to your feed but it didn’t show up on my homepage at Is it working correctly?

23 08 2008
Brian Owens (16:52:56) :

Interesting point of view. I’ll consider changing my mind about this but for now I still don’t see things the same way you do.

28 08 2008
Odyssey (08:36:24) :

Video no longer available. Insomniac bastards had YouTube remove it. <_<

12 11 2008
Jorge Delgado (23:58:09) :


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