Site Announcement

18 05 2008

Just to let you know, sorry I haven’t been filling the blog with gaming posts recently, I’m struck down with exams :(

Once the exams are all done, the site will be revamped, and many new features will be brought to the site! One major feature we’re going to be adding is that all gamers out there can share their own game media with others. This means that users will be able to upload their own media, which includes videos, save datas, cheats etc! Before these features come to the site, a select few people will be invited to try out the BETA before the new features go live. If you’re interested, email me.

The site will also be given a new look, so stay tuned and watch this space for more announcements.

GTA 4 Guinness World Record holder!

13 05 2008

Grand Theft Auto 4 has been announced as a Guinness World Record holder for two categories: Highest Grossing Video Game in 24 Hours, and Highest Revenue Generated by an Entertainment Product in 24 Hours.

GTA 4 recorded a total of 3.6 million unit sales worldwide on its first day, which totals to roughly US$ 310 million in revenues. By comparison, Bungie’s Halo 3, the previous record holder, earned around US$ 170 million on its first day. It’s not just within gaming that GTA 4 reigns as king for that matter - its first-day sales records also beat out Spidey and Potter’s latest movie and books sales, respectively:

* Fastest-selling theatrical movie in 24 hours: Spider-Man 3 at US$ 60 million
* Fastest-selling book in 24 hours: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows at US$ 220 million

Technical issues and controversy aside, you can’t deny that Grand Theft Auto 4 has already left its mark on the entertainment industry. Check back again in case we receive any further related news.


New Killzone 2 Screens Released

7 05 2008

Killzone 2 Screen

Some new Killzone 2 screens were recently released at Sony’s Playstation day event in London. As you can see from the screen above, the screens look fantastic. If you click on the images to view the full size, you’ll notice the amount of effort that’s going into this game. (No wonder it’s being released in Feb ‘09).

Anyway, enough of reading, more looking!

Check out the rest of these screens after you’ve clicked below!

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Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Blu-ray rumor

7 05 2008

Microsoft and Blu-Ray

The rumours surfing around the web that Blu-ray will be introduced to the Xbox 360 can now be put to rest.

Microsoft officially released a statement regarding the issue, here’s what they said:

As we have stated, we have no plans to introduce a Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360. Games are what drive consumers to purchase game consoles, and we remain focused on providing the largest library of blockbuster games available.

So, for now, it appears that Xbox 360 will not be seeing Blu-ray, ever!

GTA IV Cheat Codes!

4 05 2008

So guys, this afternoon I have been working on making this video, it displays ~10 cheat codes which can be used in GTA IV for the PS3 and 360, unlocking you cars, motorbikes, other vehicles etc..

Here’s the video:

Enjoy ;)

MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots video

2 05 2008

Are you as excited as us about the release of MGS4? A trailer has been released named “MGS4: Guns of the Patriots Revival trailer”, and it looks pretty awesome.

Here is the trailer:

Ah looks good doesn’t it? The video brings back the glory years of the franchise with gameplay from the first MGS games to the latest! We can really see how the game has been developed.

MGS4 is being released 12th June (fingers crossed that delays will occur) and the Beta testing for Metal Gear Online is now live.


On a side note, I have been playing GTA so much, hence not much news being posted! O_O Sorry, expect more this weekend! :D

GTA:IV leaked - thousands of people downloading via torrents

26 04 2008


With just a few more days until the game is released - GTA IV gets leaked.

Thousands of people are already downloading the game via torrents, and those who have a modded console (Xbox 360, PS3) will be able to have a headstart on the game before anyone else can.

The game file is surprisingly quite small considering the story mode will take you 30 - 45 hours to complete and the map supposedly takes one and a half hours to get from one side to the other with the game size being 6.36GB.

I’m sure Rockstar are annoyed, but what can they do right now? Nothing much.

Leaked GTA IV PlayStation 3 footage!

23 04 2008

GTA IV Leaked Gameplay Footage
That’s right folks. GTA IV gameplay footage has been leaked with just 6 days of left before the game finally gets released.

I have no idea how someone managed to get a copy of GTA IV already, nevertheless GTA:IV gameplay has been leaked and it’s here for you to view. The footage looks pretty good from what we can see of it. It’s not the best recording but it’ll have to do until April 29th!

Here is the video: (click read more, if you haven’t done so already in order to view the video)

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PS3’s “Home” delayed yet again

22 04 2008


Sony Computer Entertainment claimed that the ongoing Closed Beta test was to be “expanded” by an undisclosed number of users.

Because the closed beta is being pushed back even further, this means that the open beta/full version of Home will be pushed back further and further.

According to Sony’s top brass, Kazuo Hirai, the extension to the later half of 2008 was required to ensure that the Home experience is completely refined to the standards of the company.

Ah well, I guess it’ll be good when it finally gets released.

GTA IV goes “gold”!

19 04 2008


Good news GTA fans!

The rumors of GTA IV being delayed, and you guys not being able to play the game on the 29th are false. In a recent Take-Two Interactive stockholders meeting, it was announced that the game has already gone gold.

Take-Two Interactive’s CEO, Ben Feder, had announced that Grand Theft Auto 4 will not be delayed and the game is “in production and in trucks en route to retailers.” This is pretty much a guarantee that the game will be making its release date on April 29.

To make sure you get a copy of GTA IV on it’s release date, preorder a copy! Once you have done that, sit back, relax and wait for the 29th to get the game!