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Toon Blast Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Toon Blast will be the latest block-buster (literally) going to Google Play along with the App Store, and pulling people along with a simple and addictive method of block puzzling.

Blocks grouped alongside the same colour blocks could be broken apart – you’ll merely have manboobs to interrupt them.

But there are many other blocks that let you utilize a variety of special items and powers. There are rockets, bombs, and in many cases disco balls – and with new objective and block types, the action remains interesting.

If you would like to blast through Toon Blast’s levels and grab as numerous chests as you can, then we’ve each of the advice you’ll need the following.

More than just blocks

When you initially start in Toon Blast you’ll be merrily tapping away at every one of the combinations you come across – and that’s not always a bad strategy lasting, either – but one thing you need to start learning quickly will be the block combinations that may make special blocks.

Five blocks is the place it starts getting interesting – five blocks will turn right into a rocket that will clear sometimes a column or even a row.

Seven blocks will earn you a bomb, which destroy anything surrounding them. Nine blocks will morph in a disco ball that’ll wipe out all blocks of the same colour.

You’ll have the ability to tell when you’ve got enough for any special block, since the symbol for the blocks will change to some rocket, bomb or disco ball.

Big combos

Those special blocks could be handier as opposed to simple boosts this helps you at first, particularly if you combine them.

A bomb joined with a rocket is among the best solutions – it’ll eliminate three surrounding rows and columns, even obtaining any special objective related blocks, like balloons or bubbles.

But definitely the most effective could be the disco ball along with a bomb – this may turn all blocks the color with the disco ball into bombs, destroying most from the grid.

Getting those chests

If you want to maintain stocks of coins and boosters without spending your cold hard cash, you are going to wish to unlock chests. One chest is unlocked after every ten levels you clear, but another chest – the Star Chest – could be unlocked faster.

The Star Chest will unlock after every 20 stars you cash in on – which has a maximum of 3 easily obtainable in each level once you earn 50,000 points. You can unlock these chests after just 7 levels, instead of 10 for the other chest.

In order to maximise the quantity of stars you cash in on in each level, you want to leave yourself with numerous moves as you can.

Each move you’ve got leftover after you’ve completed your objective will transform a random block in to a rocket, awarding you 2,000 points ahead of the rocket even sets off.

More lives, and free!

One in the most helpful aspects of Toon Blast is its community, and you’ll join one of these simple communities by joining a team.

Teams in Toon Blast are very casual – players can talk with each other for advice, and order extra lives. Giving players an existence won’t actually amount to your own, and may instead award you using a coin – it’s really a win-win.

Call out for additional lives in your Team when you start running low – they’re able to give you up to 5 every few hours, keeping you playing for much longer.

Use boosters responsibly

Boosters are super tempting – they’re stuff you may use during your puzzle that may help you along your path, plus some ones might be incredibly useful.

The boxing glove will get rid of an entire row for you, while an anvil can clear the full column. Hammers will destroy single blocks, along with the dice will shuffle all from the blocks within the grid around – great for when you’re struggling forever moves to create.

You furthermore have a number of boosters to start out stages with, but these are less useful. They automatically turn a block into a bomb, rocket or disco ball. These can help, though the random nature of where they appear will make them less effective.

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