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LORDS MOBILE – ABOUT, Tips, Guide,Cheats

LORDS MOBILE is a simulation role-playing mobile game for Android and iOS where you take the role of being a Lord with your own turf to rule. Your goal is to become the strongest Lord in the world. Build a mighty kingdom by collecting mighty heroes, upgrade buildings and research advance technologies. Train army, recruit Heroes, build your own empire and become a legend.



* Talents – Use Talent Points that you gain when leveling up to upgrade Talents.
* Heroes – Equip your Heroes with items and medals gained from Heroes Stages. This will upgrade your Heroes’ skills and increase the army size.
* Research – Unlock and research new technologies in the Academy.
* Army – Strengthen your army by training Troops and upgrading them in the Barracks.


Join a Guild – Having a Guild allows you to have Guildmates which can help you when you are in trouble. Joining a Guild provides these benefits:

* Boost and be Boosted! Reduce wait times!
* Get the Guild Cache! Items, Gems and more!
* Visit the Guild Shop for unique items!
* Unlock the Guild quest! Win more rewards!
* One for all, all for one! Battle on!

Shield – Activate and use Shield to protect your Turf from incoming attacks for a certain period of time.

Relocating – If you ever caught in a never-ending battle or have too many enemies, you can relocate your Turf to another area on the map.

Renaming – You can actually change your name to escape from enemies that are targeting you.

Infirmary – Infirmaries allow you to heal more troops.

Wall – Having upgraded walls will increase your defense on your Turf. The attributes can also be boosted from the Academy.

Vault – Your Vault can protect your resources from Raids.


* Gathering – Gather resources by sending your troops out. The better the Troop type and size, the bigger the amount gathered.
* Resource Buildings – Construct different Resource Buildings to maintain a steady flow of resources.
* Raids – You can raid your enemies to steal their resources.


Below are some of the strategies, tips and tricks for newbies to help in playing Lords Mobile.

– Use your Gems to get VIP Points and try to increase your VIP level up to VIP 8. VIP 8 unlocks the perk “Auto Complete Guild Quests”. Together with the “Auto Complete Admin Quests” from VIP 7, these perks will let you speed up completing Admin and Guild Quests.

– Best to distribute Talent Points on Construction Speed and Research as this will make you become stronger faster. Try to max out Construction Speed 1, Construction Speed 2, Research 1, and Research 2 fast.

– Once you already have a good amount of troops, make sure that they are always gathering. Gathering is a great way to produce resources. You can split your Troops by keeping some at your Turf, and others to different gather fields.

– Unless you need to kill Frostwing or Gryphon fast, you can do separate attacks. By using separate attacks, you can do more damage in total because of the “Hunts in a Row” bonus.

– The higher the Speed Up boost, the better is the price/time ratio (longer speed up). If you have enough Guild Coins and want to buy Speed Ups with it, try aiming for the highest level Speed Up boosts.

– Always click the “Collect” button on the “Chest” (located on the lower left side of the main interface). It gives random items like resources, speed-ups and even gems.

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