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FIFA 20 is the next instalment of football simulation video game which is published by Electronic Arts as part of the FIFA series on 27 September. This is the 27th instalment in the FIFA video game series,  EA released this on following platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The demo of fifa 20 was released on 10 September on PS4,XBOXone and Windows.

Real Madrid Eden Hazard is the cover star of FIFA 20 Regular Edition, while Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk is on the cover of Fifa 20 Champions Edition. Juventus and Real Madrid midfielder Zinedine Zidane is named as the cover star for the Fifa 20 Ultimate Edition.

For the first time, Fifa 20 features VOLTA Football, a new mode which will provide a variance on the traditional 11v11 gameplay and focuses on small-sided street and futsal games.

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Fifa 20 Top 100 Players Ratings 

#1 Lionel Messi

94 OVR | RW | 87 PAC | 92 SHO | 92 PAS | 96 DRI | 39 DEF | 66 PHY

#2 Cristiano Ronaldo

93 OVR | ST | 90 PAC | 93 SHO | 82 PAS | 89 DRI | 35 DEF | 78 PHY

#3 Neymar Jr.

92 OVR | LW | 91 PAC | 85 SHO | 87 PAS | 95 DRI | 32 DEF | 58 PHY

#4 Eden Hazard

91 OVR | LW | 91 PAC | 83 SHO | 86 PAS | 94 DRI | 35 DEF | 66 PHY

#5 Kevin de Bruyne

91 OVR | CAM | 76 PAC | 86 SHO | 92 PAS | 87 DRI | 61 DEF | 78 PHY

#6 Jan Oblak

91 OVR | GK | 87 DIV | 92 HAN | 78 KIC | 89 REF | 50 SPD | 90 POS

#7 Virgil Van Dijk

90 OVR | CB | 77 PAC | 60 SHO | 70 PAS | 72 DRI | 90 DEF | 86 PHY

#8 Mohamed Salah

90 OVR | RW | 93 PAC | 86 SHO | 81 PAS | 89 DRI | 45 DEF | 74 PHY

#9 Luka Modric

90 OVR | CM | 74 PAC | 76 SHO | 89 PAS | 90 DRI | 72 DEF | 66 PHY

#10 Marc-Andre ter Stegen

90 OVR | GK | 88 DIV | 85 HAN | 88 KIC | 90 REF | 43 SPD | 88 POS

The Rest of the Top 100 Players in FIFA 20

11Kylian MbappeST89968478903975
12Sergio RamosCB89726875748785
13Sergio AgueroST89809077883374
14Giorgio ChielliniCB89684658629082
15Robert LewandowskiST89778774854182
16Harry KaneST89709179814783
17Kalidou KoulibalyCB89712854688987
18N’Golo KanteCDM89786577818783
19AlissonGK8985 (DIV)84 (HAN)85 (KIC)89 (REF)52 (SPD)90 (POS)
20Antoine GriezmannCF89818684895772
21Sergio BusquetsCDM89426280818580
22Luis SuarezST89738980845184
23David de GeaGK8990 (DIV)84 (HAN)81 (KIC)92 (REF)57 (SPD)85 (POS)
24Raheem SterlingRW88937978894557
25Pierre-Emerick AubameyangST88948575803769
26Gerard PiqueCB88566172698880
27Manuel NeuerGK88878791875685
28Sadio ManeLW88948377884474
29Toni KroosCM88458090817069
30Christian EriksenCAM88738190845363
31Paul PogbaCM88748186856686
32Edinson CavaniST88758672795583
33Marco ReusCAM88858884874566
34EdersonGK8886 (DIV)82 (HAN)93 (KIC)88 (REF)64 (SPD)86 (POS)
35David SilvaCAM88657488895257
36Hugo LlorisGK8889 (DIV)82 (HAN)68 (KIC)91 (REF)64 (SPD)84 (POS)
37Diego GodinCB88604864638983
38Paulo DybalaST88838284904364
39Thibaut CourtoisGK8885 (DIV)89 (HAN)72 (KIC)87 (REF)48 (SPD)85 (POS)
40Samir HandanovicGK8888 (DIV)85 (HAN)69 (KIC)89 (REF)53 (SPD)89 (POS)
41Karim BenzemaCF87768280863977
42Jordi AlbaLB87906981837973
43Mats HummelsCB87515876738976
45Heung Min SonCF87888680874268
46Toby AlderweireldCB87645572678879
47Bernardo SilvaRW87817683925167
49Aymeric LaporteCB87645071698882
50Dries MertensCF87888380903553
51Thiago SilvaCB87625472738778
53Lorenzo InsigneCF87897985913547
54Jan VertonghenCB87636374738779
55Keylor NavasGK8790 (DIV)81 (HAN)75 (KIC)90 (REF)54 (SPD)82 (POS)
56Joshua KimmichRB86726986847978
57Leroy SaneLW86958179863870
58Miralem PjanicCM86686887857567
59Angel Di MariaRW86847984874868
60Alexandre LacazetteST86828575864074
62Roberto FirminoCF86778280876178
63Marco VerrattiCM86656084907966
64Leonardo BonucciCB86585869718779
65Ivan RakiticCM86628186817470
66Milan SkriniarCB86694159668782
67Samuel UmtitiCB86696369708682
68Thomas MullerCAM86728379785571
69Philippe CoutinhoLW86798084905264
70Ciro ImmobileST86808563813976
72Wojciech SzczesnyGK8685 (DIV)82 (HAN)73 (KIC)88 (REF)49 (SPD)86 (POS)
73Daniel ParejoCM86418088797069
75Gianluigi DonnarummaGK8590 (DIV)80 (HAN)74 (KIC)90 (REF)49 (SPD)80 (POS)
76James RodriguezCAM85558687865063
77Frenkie de JongCM85796484887676
78Raphael VaraneCB85834562648580
79Andrew RobertsonLB85856277798075
80Axel WitselCDM85737480808381
81Matthijs de LigtCB85675866698384
83Alex SandroLB85836577808282
84Niklas SuleCB85724255518682
85Alejandro GomezCAM85897881863955
86Romelu LukakuST85758273723584
87Blaise MatuidiCDM85756676788381
88David AlabaLB85837381808076
89Dani CarvajalRB85814778818280
90Mauro IcardiST85758461773669
92Kostas ManolasCB85822542628681
93Jose Maria GimenezCB85694552568682
94Sergej Milinkovic-SavicCM85677980827784
97Hakim ZiyechCAM85807586835066
99Bruno FernandesCAM85778387856574
100Zlatan IbrahimovicST85568877783478


FIFA 20 Gameplay


Volta Football introduction in fifa 20 means the game emphasis is on close control,It enables the attacker to move with more agility than ever to lure your opponent in before beating them with speed or skill.

Strafe dribbling is only 1 part of what Ea have labeled as Decisive Moments. With these new offensive skills, controlled tackling will bolster the defence, providing a lot of intelligent effort that will increase the possibility of winning the ball back. for example, the defender guiding the tackle towards a teammate to confirm they regain the ball.

L1/LB for Strafe Dribble

L1+R1/LB+RB for Strafe Dribble (lock face angle)

Timed finishing is as good as it is frustrating. we tend to all like to see a ball fly into the highest corner from twenty five yards, however once it happens once more and once more, the magic is lost. it’s currently been adjusted, with Composed finishing making certain one-on-ones area unit easier, and volleyed efforts area unit tougher.

New shot trajectories will see shots dip, fade and swerve to feature even a lot of realism, as a part of the new ball physics for FIFA twenty.

Football familiar Motion introduces a lot of authentic ball spins and bounces, which can conjointly play in a very massive role altogether the various venues out there in physicist still.

There is currently also Natural Player Motion creating grifter movement and a lot of intelligent positioning, with AI players occupancy a a lot of natural and composed fashion and doubtless gap up house for his or her teammates.

Goalkeeper movement is another facet that has visaged a lot of criticism, with it being extremely kafkaesque. have you ever ever seen a goalkeeper ran into his goal because the striker shoots to assemble the ball in his arms? this can be currently being reduced, still because the divine reactions from one-on-ones.

Free kicks are improbably troublesome to get on FIFA nineteen, and penalties have been even a lot of of a lottery than they’re in reality. a brand new scenery refresh can show a circular target of wherever shot goes, providing a clearer indication of wherever you’re aiming.

The new place-kicking System is split into 5 aspects: Aim, Position, Power, Spin and temporal arrangement.

  • Aim: the primary step was the new aiming mechanic. The aim currently works with a network displayed on the goal, and players will use their pad to settle on wherever to aim their place-kicking.
  • Position: rather than stepping slowly round the ball and moving to completely different begin positions, pressing the Right-Stick to the left or right can currently move the player between pre-defined positions (Wide, Normal, Straight). every position provides an exact bonus to your shot, with Wide giving a rised quantity of spin Associate in Nursingd Straight providing an increase in spin for out of doors of the foot shots. traditional may be a balance between each.
  • Power: With shot elevation being determined by the aiming network, shot power currently determines the shot flight. a coffee power shot are going to be a lot of adore a delicacy shot (loopy), whereas a high power shot are going to be a lot of driven and direct. Aiming towards the lowest of internet will rank driven shots, permitting players to shoot underneath the
  • Spin: once powering your shot, and through the run up before contact, players will apply spin to the ball. to use completely different spins, you would like to perform gestures victimisation the Right-Stick as displayed below. The speed and accuracy of the gesture can confirm what quantity spin is else to the ball.
  • Timing: players may also use the regular Finishing mechanic within the new place-kicking system, permitting you to aim to press the button right at the instant of the contact of the shot. If productive, this can scale back the number of error, and increase the number of spin applied to the shot. If not productive, it’ll dramatically increase the number of error applied to the shot.

Penalty Kicks have conjointly been improved, victimisation a similar Aim, Power and temporal arrangement mechanics as Free Kicks. the large distinction is that there’s no adjustment to the beginning position and no spin management on the Right-Stick. in contrast to Free Kicks but, players will still amendment the aim of the kick throughout the run up, permitting last second changes.

Animations for kicks and shots for each Free Kicks and Penalties are improved still as new star-player run ups and animations, however the wall creep has been removed.

House rules were a good addition for FIFA nineteen, and a lot of area unit returning to FIFA twenty. Mystery ball boosts stats of the offensive team, while King of the Hill improves the price of subsequent goal betting on however long you’ll keep the ball in a very explicit space of the sphere.

FIFA 20 Controls (PS4, Xbox One and PC)


Move PlayerLL
SprintR2 Hold Down + DirectionRT Hold Down + Direction
Shield/JockeyL2 Hold Down + DirectionLT Hold Down + Direction
First Touch/Knock-OnR2 + R + DirectionRT + R + Direction
Stop and Face GoalL + no direction + L1L + no direction + LB
Face Up DribblingL2 + R2LT + RT
Strafe DribbleL1+ LLB+ L
Strafe Dribble (Lock Face Angle)L1 + R1 + LLB + RB + L
Stop BallR2 + no directionRT + no direction
Jostle (Ball In Air))L2LT
Skill MovesRR
Slow Dribble (11v11 Only)L2 + R2 + L + DirectionLT + RT + L + Direction
Simple Skill Moves (VOLTA Football only)L2 + R2 + L + DirectionLT + RT + L + Direction
Simple Flicks (VOLTA FOOTBALL only)R3 + L + DirectionR3 + L + Direction
Taunts (VOLTA FOOTBALL only)L + no direction + R2 Hold DownL + no direction + R2 Hold Down


Ground Pass/HeaderXA
Lob Pass/Cross/HeaderX
Through BallY
Time Your Shot◯ + ◯ (Timed)B + B (Timed)
Chip ShotL1 + ◯LB + B
Finesse ShotR1 + ◯RB + B
Low Shot/Downward Header ShotL1 + R1 + ◯LB + RB + B
Fake Shot◯ then X + DirectionB then A + Direction
Fake Pass▢ then X + DirectionX then A + Direction
Threaded Through PassR1 + △RB + Y


Protect BallL2LT
Driven Ground PassR1 + XRB + A
Lofted Ground PassX + XA + A
Lofted Through Pass△ + △Y + Y
Lobbed Through BallL1 + △LB + Y
Drivven Lobbed Through PassL1 + R1 + △LB + RB + Y
Driven Lob Pass/CrossR1 + ▢RB + X
High Lob / CrossL1 + ▢LB + X
Low Cross▢ + ▢X + X
Trigger RunL1LB
Call for SupportR1RB
Dummy a PassL + no direction + R1 Press and HoldL + no direction + RB Press and Hold
CancelL2 + R2LT + RT
Flair PassL2 + XLT + A
Flair ShotL2 + ◯LT + B
Flair LobL2 + ▢LT + X
Let Ball RunR1 Press and Hold + L (Away From Ball)RB Press and Hold + L (Away From Ball)
Flick Up For VolleyR3R3
Disguised First TouchR1 Press and Hold + L (Towards Ball)RB Press and Hold + L (Towards Ball)
Set Up TouchR1 + R + Direction (Hold)RB + R + Direction (Hold)


Get In The BoxD-Pad: UP then UPD-Pad: UP then UP
Attacking Full BacksD-Pad: UP then RIGHTD-Pad: UP then RIGHT
Hug SidelineD-Pad: UP then LEFTD-Pad: UP then LEFT
Extra StrikerD-Pad: UP then DOWND-Pad: UP then DOWN
Display Defending TacticsD-Pad: DOWND-Pad: DOWN
Striker Drop BackD-Pad: DOWN then UPD-Pad: DOWN then UP
Team PressD-Pad: DOWN then RIGHTD-Pad: DOWN then RIGHT
Overload Ball SideD-Pad: DOWN then LEFTD-Pad: DOWN then LEFT
Offside TrapD-Pad: DOWN then DOWND-Pad: DOWN then DOWN
Change Game PlanD-Pad: RIGHT or LEFTD-Pad: RIGHT or LEFT
Quick SubstitutesR2RT
Change Mentality (VOLTA FOOTBALL only)D-Pad: RIGHT or LEFTD-Pad: RIGHT or LEFT


Change PlayerL1LB
Switch Player (Manual)R + DirectionR + Direction
Tackle/Push or Pull (when chasing)B
Hard Tackle◯ Press and HoldB Press and Hold
Sliding TackleX
Sliding Tackle (VOLTA FOOTBALL only)X
Jockey/Grab & holdL2 Hold DownLT Hold Down
ContainX Press and HoldA Press and Hold
Teammate ContainR1 Press and HoldRB Press and Hold
Running JockeyL2 + R2 Hold DownLT + RT Hold Down
Pull and Hold (when chasing)◯ Press and HoldB Press and Hold
Quick Get Up (after slide tackle)X
Engage Shielding OpponentL2 + L Towards Shielding DribblerLT + L Towards Shielding Dribbler
Rush Goalkeeper Out△ Press and HoldY Press and Hold
Goalkeeper Cross Intercept△ + △ Press and HoldY + Y Press and Hold


Drop Kick◯ or ▢B or X
Drop BallY
Pick Up BallR1RB
Driven ThrowR1 + XRB + A
Driven KickR1 + ▢RB + X
Move GoalkeeperR3 Press and Hold + RR3 Press and Hold + R
GK Cover Far PostR3 Press and HoldR3 Press and Hold
Switch to GKPress TouchpadPress Touchpad


Adjust Start PositionRR
Time Your Shot◯ + ◯ (Timed)B + B (Timed)
Curled Shot◯ or R Hold ⇩B or R Hold ⇩
Apply Curl During Run UpRR
Driven ShotL1 + ◯LB + B
Ground PassXA
High Pass/CrossX
Wall JumpY
Wall ChargeXA
Move WallL2 or R2LT or RT
Select Kick TakerR2RT
Add Kick TakerR1 or L2RB or LT
Move Goalkeeper▢ or ◯X or B


Call 2nd Kick TakerL2LT
2nd Kick Taker Curled ShotL2 + ◯LT + B
2nd Kick Taker Layoff PassL2 + XLT + A
2nd Kick Taker Layoff ChipL2 + ▢LT + X
2nd Kick Taker Run Over BallL2 + ◯ then XLT + B then A
Call 3rd Kick TakerR1RB
3rd Kick Taker Curled ShotR1 + ◯RB + B
3rd Kick Taker Run Over BallR1 + ◯ then XRB + B then A


Corners – Lob CrossX
Corners – PassXA
Aim KickLL
Apply Kick PowerX
Turn Aim Indicator On/OffD-Pad: UPD-Pad: UP
Display Corner TacticsD-Pad: DOWND-Pad: DOWN
Run Far PostD-Pad: UP then DOWND-Pad: UP then DOWN
Edge Of Box RunD-Pad: DOWN then LEFTD-Pad: DOWN then LEFT
Crowd the GoalkeeperD-Pad: DOWN then LEFTD-Pad: DOWN then LEFT
Run Near PostD-Pad: DOWN then DOWND-Pad: DOWN then DOWN
Move Along Live (Throw In)LL
Short Throw InXA
Short Throw In (Manual)Y
Long Throw In▢ Or X Press and HoldX Or A Press and Hold
Fake Throw▢ + X Or X + ▢A + X Or A + X


Adjust Start PositionRR
Apply Kick PowerB
Finesse ShotR1 + ◯RB + B
Chip ShotL1 + ◯LB + B
Select Kick TakerR2RT
Turn Air Indicator On/OffD-Pad: UPD-Pad: UP
Goalkeeper Move Side to SideL + DirectionL + Direction
Goalkeeper DiveR + DirectionR + Direction
Goalkeeper GesturesX Or ◯ Or ▢ Or △A Or B Or X Or Y



Call for PassXA
Call for or suggest Through PassY
Suggest ShotB
Call for Driven Ground PassR1 + XRB + A
Call for Threaded Through PassR1 + △RB + Y
Call for Lobbed Through PassL1 + △LB + Y
Call for Far Lobbed Through PassL1 + R1 + △LB + RB + Y
Suggest CrossX
Call for Ground CrossR1 + ▢RB + ▢
Call for High CrossL1 + ▢LB + ▢



Call for or suggest PassXA
Ssuggest Through PassY
Suggest ShotB
Suggest CrossX
Toggle Camera TargetPress TouchpadPress Select



DiveR + Direction (Hold)R + Direction (Hold)
AutopositioningL1 Press and HoldLB Press and Hold
2nd Defender ContainR1 Press and HoldRB Press and Hold
Toggle Camera TargetPress TouchpadPress Select

FIFA 20 Passing Tutorial

There are three key types of passing:

  • Short Passing
  • Lob Passing
  • Through Ball

These passing methods have different types which we’re going through each of them here:


Short Pass (Ground Pass)XA
Lob Pass / CrossX
Low Cross▢ + ▢X + X
Through Ball (Through Pass)Y
Flair PassL2 + XLT + A
High Lob / CrossL1 + ▢LB + X
Scoop Lob (Pinged Lob)L2 + ▢LT + X
Lobbed Through BallL1 + △LB + Y
Driven Ground PassR1 + XRB + A
Driven Lob Pass/CrossR1 + ▢RB + X
Threaded Through PassR1 + △RB + Y
Fake Pass▢ then X + directionX then A + direction
Dummy a PassR1 Press and HoldRB Press and Hold

Short Pass

Short pass is a ground pass that sends the ball to a teammate in a short distance.

Lob Pass

Lob pass is a aerial pass that is used to send the ball to a teammate in a high arc and a long distance. This pass method is also used for doing a cross.

Low Cross

By double tapping the Lob Pass button, you can perform a low-range cross when passing the ball into the opponent’s box.

Through Pass

Through pass is a forward pass which travels into an open space through your opponent defenders so your attackers can grab the ball beyond the defenders.

Flair Pass

A fancy and powerful ground pass which is less accurate than a Driven Pass but more powerful.

High Lob

A lob pass with more height which can be useful for crossing to bypass your opponent’s defenders and keeper when you have tall strikers.

Scoop Lob

A lob pass with even more height than a high lob pass.

Lobbed Through Pass

A through pass which goes over the head of your opponent’s defenders – technically, a combination of through ball and lob pass.

Driven Ground Pass

A ground pass which is powered and is faster than a normal ground pass. This type of pass has better accuracy, but your pass receiver needs to put more effort to control it.

Driven Lob Pass

A lob pass which is has more power and pace than a lob ground pass.

Threaded Through Pass

A through pass which more straight and let the ball bouncing so it brings more perspective to your pass.


How to get free coin and points in fifa 20 UT?

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Is there a working resources generator for the game that actually works?

Out of many available online Fifa 20 hacks very few of them works, we test them and include them on our website.

Where can I find fifa 20 online hack tutorials?

We have written a detailed guide for the game you can read it right here.

Final Words

Fifa 20 is one of the most exciting and entertaining game. Using our tips you can enjoy the game even more. Please let us know in the comment section any more tips you use which helps you progress faster in the game. Also if you use of the online tools do vote if it worked for you or not so we can replace the non-working ones.


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