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LORDS MOBILE – ABOUT, Tips, Guide,Cheats

LORDS MOBILE is a simulation role-playing mobile game for Android and iOS where you take the role of being a Lord with your own turf to rule. Your goal is to become the strongest Lord in the world. Build a mighty kingdom by collecting mighty heroes, upgrade buildings and research …

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Skylanders Battlecast – About

Skylanders Battlecast is a card collection online battle game that lets you build the ultimate deck and battle with your favorite Skylanders and use them to cast spells and attack your enemies. Become a battlecaster as you collect hundreds of Skylander Characters, Spells, Relic and Gear cards. Level up your …

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Jetpack Hero Miami Crime Android Gameplay

Smart AI for more intense combats. Grand selection of weaponry at local guns shop. Special tasks with extra profit rewards. Police spec forces fear you most. You are the worse dream of local justice and gangsters. You are a fearsome creature, half human half something else. Fight for your lust …

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