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100 Best Apex Legends Tips And Tricks – LEARN EVERYTHING


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It is time to drop 100 tips and tricks for apex religions this amazing new game that’s blowing the heck up now. With these hundred tips videos I do we go fast if you want to save something for later I’ve attached everything in a pin
comet if I miss something be sure to for
comment with your tip or trick and
I’ll heart you’re coming for others to
see that is it let’s roll it
after you play an opponent you can push
the crates around them like that just
walk into it slide into it whatever you
want to get into cover and then after a
a couple of seconds five seconds or so the
the box will become rock solid so it cannot
be moving anymore let’s see you in a
second but I’m safe a little bit now you
can kind of see it’s not really moving
anymore is it and there you go using the
balloons jumping out from the dropship
in the beginning, can end you up on hills
mountaintops where you’re not supposed
to be it’ll give you a 30-second grace
the period we can just chill up here you
could easily sit up here and snipe for a
a good time before having to go down knock
down shields do not protect you from
melee damage it is gonna be four hits or
three hits and then just one small beam
B range scope has the rangefinder in it
you can see it’s at the right here
it shows how long you need aim and then
you can aim for the Lions and kids are
200 meters out in for that mark see here
again on the big fat scope well another
big fat scope 10 times here and then use
the rangefinder and miss your shot
there are these cute little robots around
the map which makes this kind of noise
and they bring loot to get them to hit up
air drops in this game will not squish
you kill you or anything they will just
push you away and be like I Milena your
buddy now pick up my shit in case you’re
a clumsy duck and you fall outside the
map don’t fear it your crate will be
teleported back up and your teammates
can grab it and rest you again while
using the zip line you can jump up turn
around and hook on it again see here
we’re gonna jump up swap around and go
back up you can see the drops on your
map indicates it with little blue circles
coming down now these drops do take a
a lot longer to come down and the players
summoned one by lifeline but they do
have better loot the extended max allows
you to carry more ammo but the color
the difference just allows you
gray one a little bit more blue one a
a little bit more than that you see gray
one hate is when it’s gonna allow us to
carry 12 the blue one would then be ten
so the better the quality the more ammo
you can carry in a mag when you get
those juicy airdrop guns are aware of the
ammo that comes with it is the only mo
you get you don’t have any extra in the
inventory you cannot find any spare ones
what you see is what you get if you’re
lucky enough to find a golden weapon
from the hotspot area in the beginning
it comes with all attachments decked out
now there is a thing to this you cannot
remove or select the different optics
that means if you don’t like this scope
too freaking bad this is what you’re
gonna get it doesn’t have increased
damage or anything it’s just decked out
if an airdrop has not been looted it
will light up the sky with a beam so
look here there’s triple air drops just
for you to take you can walk through
teammates meaning that if they’re in a
doorway be annoying or something like
that you can just scoop right through
them no problem touch their butt or
their wiener whatever you want when you
kill an enemy player their body shield
automatically regens to full so that
means even though you’ve burned their
armor it will be fully charged
explosions will open doors
if you pop one ability before you go
into a portal and it doesn’t finish off
it’ll cancel it so beware either you do
it before after the easiest way to tell
the difference between the drops is the
regular airdrop has the red thing on top
and it’s super so a drop in is it marked
on the map
and while lifelines drop is gonna be
super fast down not marked and will be
blue you can hear when Armour is done
that sounded you can tell sort of how
much your enemy is gonna have HP wise
when you hit them the first time what
type of armor color is gonna show up
white blue purple or yellow or none
just regular red that means they have no
armor now what is wonderful about this
the game is that nobody likes fall damage I
mean ask Tim tap me and the freaking
drops he dies right in this game you’re
completely free to be a clumsy duck
melee in this game is nasty and should
not be underrated be careful all right
when you start slapping people they get
confused and they don’t know what’s
what’s hitting them they just can’t deal
with it, it’s really awesome because of that
the way you still have a fighting chance
even though you might not have a gun you
can always go slap a guy in the face and
it’s just it surprises people you start
hitting them you can see if it’s a
teammate that’s firing listens of the
gunshots and then look down to the left
it’ll show as a little gunfire thing
every time he shoots as long as there’s
respawn beacons left you can respawn so
if your teammate picks up your banner he
just needs to get you to a respawn
beacon and that way you jump right back
into the fight and go again die rinse
the heal but from lifeline does not have
infinite heals you can see here three
plays attached like another guy went
away it’ll get more heals to me every
the place is different Tia loot and you can
check it always in the top left this
the place is high to loot zone so that
means there’s gonna be a bunch of greases
for you to steal you can check your
teammates gear by opening your inventory
and look down to the left and you can
ping a helmet and say hey Bobby you need
this come take it in this game mobility
is key to try it I’ll play your opponent by
jumping across obstacles now
the best example but in this case we try
to go on top jump around but the key to
get from this is to keep using your
environment to jump around find you
ways to deal with your opponents and do
not lose to melee that is awkward you do
not need to have you knock down she’ll
activate it all the time you can kind of
booster players make them think you
can finish you and then get shot in the
back by your teammates as they try to do
something fancy then escapes slowly the
respawn beacons are marked across the
map with these tiny little green dots
now they can only be used once through
the entire game it’s not once per team
or anything like that once the team is
used one of them they’re completely out
the rest of the match do not fear them
you have small indicators that even
shows you where they’re gonna blow up
just say cover for a second in between
then you’re fine to go back into the action
let’s read their heads
you can request mo by hopping up with
your inventory here slam dunk and middle
mouse click one of the ammo types
backpacks allow you to carry more grave
would be one more line blue to purple
three max inventory space is the three
of them, that’s what the legendary one
gives to you do not need to be at the
start of the zip line to attach to it
jump off a ledge hook onto it resting in
this game is fast so if you have a
teammate and he’s in cover it and the
other petit me isn’t really that
aggressive playing just jump behind get
them back up reset the fight see like
that already two players again lifelines
heal but can be pushed a little bit look
at it, so cute push it in to cover with
Pathfinder, you can go to spots you’re
not really supposed to be like on top of
this thing the only way to get up there
is by using Pathfinder you cannot vault
up there or anything like that and
there are different spots we could do this
too now this one is climbable but it’s
just easy to get on top and have a nice
lookout when meet team combo is using
Bangalore’s smoke here and then on top
of that have the good old bloodhound
use this mission you can see right
through that ghost with a gas tube so
you can hunt players together and make
some spicy plays if you got a good team
synergy go right ahead
should see this guy just murdered
me it knows what the peacekeeper
Armagh in this game does not break it
can be charged up and I mean how many
times you burn it out you’re good to
just use it again it does not break
there’s no like durability or anything
like that
Bangalore’s smoke deal damage wait for
it yep I mean shit
hey here again sometimes you get lucky
man you get that hey Morgan you like
all right that’s cool but it’s 10 damage
right practice of the Wicca looting
man in this game you do not want to
stand still and give that free Headey
away if they have a big snipper is
wiggle around a little bit move that but
left right and you’ll be a little bit
safer you’ll get used to it real
quick so everyone has their favorite
champion a legend that they want to play
now if you’re not the first pick in this
the case I’m the first pick so I can pick
whatever the heck I want but as a second
and a third you can hover over let’s see
these guys do it they’re not but if they
choose to hover over they kind of show
up with a little bit of number that says
all right will they prefer playing that
you see here now well I got wraith cuz
that’s my number one see the third
hopping around now he’s not he’ll play
anything well that way you can kind of
be nice other people like all right well I
don’t really care what I’m playing but
if that guy wants to play that then I’ll
pick something else the champion squad
is the best-rated squad with the highest
ads from the previous game they played
in this case, this is the squad if you
kill these people you gain extra XP a K
you get levels faster more importantly
you get the crates faster and get all
those yummy skins the jump must is
chosen by random and that person sighs
where the hell are you gonna go you
can’t jump so low – but I suggest you do
stick with your squad and don’t spit up
until the very end, there is bullet drop
in this game, the weapons are not a hit
scan there is travel time and the beans
do drop as we see here far shot but
that’s another thing to learn and get
comfortable with and you’re on a way to
get comfortable with it
is to try your luck and see if you can
hit those shots you can do people dirty
in the end, if you want to go close to them
and hold either do a finisher and that
is stuff that you can unlock to have
different ways to go, people, yay
be aware though by being bad manners you
might get shot in the back while you do
careful there’s sip lines placed around
the map which you can travel on to go
back and down you can even jump on the
way down
swap around and go back up in the
beginning there’s different hotspots you
can go to such as the hydro dam in this
case which is a hot zone which has at
least one Philippe decked-out weapon
well it has of one and then we have the
airship right here that we can go to
which we’re going to you can see the
projectile of this thing it’s gonna stop
up here then park down and drop some
ropes down so speaking people can’t go
up and down from it it’s a neat addition
and there’s usually a lot of fighting
too bad I did not pay attention because
we are not making this anyways let’s go
down here
but the best things in this game the
game is great right but the ping system
is freaking nuts you should help your
teammates ping Liu ping places ping
enemies you don’t need this turbocharger
let your teammates know you come get it
you know ping where you want to go use
the ping system after you’ve been
running around looking for a little bit
your inventory gets stack you can see
these red markers and your icons which
means that you don’t have any use for it
so when you’re new learning what goes
into what just drop the junk you don’t
need let your teams know about it we
have the sip lines but we also have the
balloons the balloons crazy awesome like
go anywhere freaking all the way up and
then you lie to mom distant place it’s
very good to get around if you see a
drop and it doesn’t have a beam and it
has these brown plates that means it’s
been open because once she’d opens up
pushes out did you see here the inside
is brown that means no more loot for you
now while you having a fun in your zip
line you cannot drop a loot got
usability is why you on it you can use
it before you get on it but while you’re
on it no inventory management to get
faster going slide a little bit then
wait and slide a little bit again when
you start dropping and speak it back up
when sliding about do not spam it this
is how it looks when you spam if you do
not gain very much beat from that you
got to do it right it is all about
mobility in this game you got to be a
swift monkey jumping around places you
can pretty much climb anything well not
anything but you can get weird places
sort of like this antenna here there you
go it’s in camp the colors of the crates
indicates the best piece of single item
loot in that crate in this case it’s a
shotgun bolt and in the other crate we
got a skull piece of rifling in it
supply ship does not only come doing the
very start of the game as you see here
doing the late game there’s one scoop
and right in here that’s gonna land over
here dip down and let you bought it for
some nasty loot maybe if you’re lucky
who knows when dropping with your jump
master in the very end split from your
team and land close to them so you don’t
all get stacked into one big bunch and
you can get more loot doors can get
kicked in and after two of those cakes
no will break
keep an eye on this little bar on your
screen it indicates your inventory space
how much you
left how much can carry if your
inventory is full it will turn red and
be like nope drop some shit buddy when
sliding downhill jump at the very end to
gain some extra momentum and speed as
the doc would say and just keep on
flying just slide and then jump when
using the crappy grenade that nobody
likes it picks off like this
if you hit people with it tick-tick-tick
mother-freaking cola do dis all there
you go
pay attention when the voice calls out
for air drops because there can be
multiple air drops inbound which is e
here we have to to go forward but ours
is coming down right on top of us here
but on multiple locations there could be
multiple air drops depending on the
circle size legendary armor body shield
is in my opinion the weakest one you
need to go use your finisher to get a
fully charged shield that means like a
lot of downtime maybe in the middle of a
fight where you got to finish a guy to
get there for sure
wears the helmet reduces the time spent
on charging your abilities up again
which is very convenient
the legendary backpack is disgusting
faster heals half the time to use them
you just pop one up just like it that is
pretty frickin gross and I love it the
legendary knockdown shield allows you to
resurrect once by yourself meaning you
don’t have to have a teammate touch your
butt plane Wraith you can pop your
ultimate ability and then your Q after
that to go invisible and move like a
fast rending guy or girl and get there
safely and fast the arc star is my
favorite nade type deal because you have
full control stick it to people blow up
and I call this my favorite gun but it’s
just one of my favorite guns this
freaking devotion will discern if you
can find the ammo just listen to the
left it is nasty
what can I say I mean the wingman every
every gun is amazing all right I love
this game
this is wasn’t really a tip I just dig
this game in there’s a text-to-speech
feature which allows you to chat to be
turned into voice kind of like Microsoft
Sam beautiful right the lifelines cue
ability allows multiple players to
healed at the same time you remain a
spectator for exactly ten seconds before
the transitions with like 12 seconds but
then the transition starts pops you over
to spectate your teammates wraith allows
you through some aggressive plays now
some players might spot these but you
can go invisible jump around them and
shoot them in the face maybe they’re too
busy looking into a rock Yulin same time
here you go you’re the champion be aware
that sprinting will cancel your heal the
other way to cancel this is to
left-click jumping anything like that it
will not cancel it
while the Peacekeeper with the mod is
insane the airdrop shotgun is pretty
nasty with the range too so do not be
scared of taking this for range fight
you can see how many players remain in
the dropship I keep saying shit dropship
by looking at the top of your screen
once you load up beans in a weapon they
stay in the weapon except for if they
have an extended mag when you then drop
the gun the remaining bullets will drop
on the floor next to it you’re trying to
snatch my loot some optics have very
bold zooms so that means you can hold
downshift to zoom in and out of the
with them see here four times eight
times there’s different ones of these so
go mess around with them we’ll throw a
bubble utility stack in twos to get used
to is using the UI you can see all your
attachments on your weapons down to the
your armor to the left how many of you
have all that you don’t need to always
open the inventory to see what you have
you can check your previous match stats
by hitting the button in the menu you
can zoom in in the dropship by holding
right mouse button is to get a clear
weapon mods only come in one tier
meaning this choke here is always going
to be a purple one precision choke
hop-up is probably one of the most nasty
attachments it lets you charge your
shotgun and have
crazy good accuracy look at this is that
right that is nasty take this guy out
not a problem
we’ll just snip him hit him again out of
the game go for his teammate not a
choke it up out of the game puff around
a little bit look in Y over this rock
jump kick him in the face
hey yo now this isn’t really about the
hop-up there’s just a good plate there
you go another time hundred damage just
like that up in the weapon mod they hop
upon the triple take makes it a charge
sniper which means when you charge it
fully up it’ll handle one single beam
that deals more damage instead of the
triple sculpt here’s a rifling
attachment hop up makes your freaking
way man up beast and your longbow the
way man they think it’s around 100
damage and a heady that is a lot tap-tap
freaking out of the game man please
select fire receiver for the gun that
nobody really cares about at the moment
now this magic allows you to put it on
auto fire which is cool turbocharger hop
up for the freaking devotion makes it
just a freakin laser cannon right it was
already pretty nasty but over this one
if you can find the ammo its treads it’s
the time you save on charging up it’s
just instant a lot of damage output
shooting from the balloon is a kind of
like those trick shot you’ll see on
YouTube eventually like I six shot
yeah Kersey’s do do the quickest way to
get down is start diving gain that speed
and then you can kind of even now and
then when you start dropping the speed
too much again you can like if you got
to go far dip down a little bit again
again some speed so gliding a good thing
is to learn how to spot the difference
between the stocks in case you need to
know which one of them you need to look
for there’s the fat one and the small
one the big one is a sniper stock the
smaller one is the AR just take a look
at them and memorize them
if you have a pathfinder in your team
you can use them to go and look up a
survey beacon and figure out what the
next zone is gonna be it
this is really useful for the later
circles now this one it’s kind of like
alright I mean it’s good to know but for
the late-game circles it is really neat
if you don’t want to replace a piece of
loot simply click it again you don’t
need to close your entire inventory and
open it back up just click it and click
it back there’s no need to escape and go
right back in there there’s three
different types of currencies there’s
the crafting materials which you get
from opening packs a legend tokens which
gets from just playing the game and apex
coins which is pay to play basically to
get the cool skins all that yes
lifelines airdrops do not come with any
weapons is only support items you will
never see a legendary gun in it jumping
from a balloon you can not attached to a
sip line right away oh look at this
chunky monkey hmm
we don’t even tell you idiots because
we’re potato and lucky the time survived
XP is based on your team not just your
performance thank you very much for
watching in the end that means that you
hopefully found something you could use
be sure to leave a little bit of a fat
like and subscribe for more there’s
gonna be a bunch of apex of Legends
content coming because I am enjoying them
heck out of this game hope you have a
wonderful day until next time peace

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